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  • Yeah, me too.

    ... Huh. Now we're missing Sushi, Cakei, Noct, Senna, Momiji, Pika, TayTay and Dude from the Orre group. WE MUST MAKE THEM MIGRATE AND RELEASE OUR WRATH OF ORRE!

    Seriously though, it would be quite cool.

    AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY POST ON THIS FORUM... Like an RP or a game thread. *wink* xD
    Ugh, I haven't been on MangaFox for... a year, maybe.


    I should've migrated sooner. >.>
    Sempai Sempai Sempaiiiiiii Ask away. xD

    Maaaaaaan, I don't know if its all the Ghost Trick I've been playing lately, but I have the strangest urge to talk like Inspector Cabanela.

    Yes, let's. xDDD

    Indeed it is. xD Ahh... Mudkipz, dem Kips of the Mud. xD

    I still remember that avi I had when I first joined. x3 Ah... memories...

    I also remember the Great War between 'Kips and 'Chus. xDD And of course Sushi and yours special side with popcorn and beanbags styled like Pokemon. xD
    I know right?! xDD If I could draw well, I would totally draw that.

    Pfft. xD

    Thank you. x3 Though I must admit I've seen a mod on here do that before, so I can't take credit for the originality of it. xD;;

    Me? I think I'd rub of on you first! xD

    Wait, weren't we just talking about this a week and a half ago? xDDD
    ...You just gave me the most amazing mental picture ever. O: Picture this: Olimar, with huge hulk-like arms, surrounded by buff Pikmin.

    Sure thing. xD

    \o/ Achievement Unlocked! xDD Yeah, once I figured it out I actually did facepalm... against my desk. :D;;

    I know right? xD It must be fate!
    Ugh, I hate people like that! D< No offense to your brother or anything though

    Most definitely. xD They do nearly all the work after all.


    I know right? As it is he has grenades, remote-controlled missiles, a hovercraft thing, and C4 though, so I'm happy. :D

    That would be cool. xD Any ideas?

    First off, I feel incredibly stupid for having to take over five minutes just to figure out who you were referring too. *facepalm*

    Anyway, I might be the same way. :D;; It's almost scary how many similarities we have. xD;;
    Well that's not very nice. D<

    I like Olimar 'cause of his final smash. xD And the fact that he should be less that a foot tall and can still beat Bowser. xD

    I'm guessing the second one. xD

    xD By that do you mean use it to attack? xD If so, no unfortunately. It's just his taunt. :U That would be awesome if you could though.

    I know right? The same for me and my Rotom. To be honest, however, I just couldn't really think of a way for it to actually work. :/

    ...Do I want to know how you know that?
    How so? xD

    Pit and Zelda I'm alright with, Peach not-so-much. xD;; Although I suppose that might be because I hardly play as anyone but the five or six I'm used too (R.O.B.; Snake; Game&Watch; Pokémon Trainer; Toon Link; Olimar&Pikmin). Yeah, I'm actually pretty good at Olimar, which is surprising even to me. xDD

    I do too. xD I also find it amusing that the Trainer gets a special platform on some stages instead of just being in the back row of the usuable platforms. And then of course it is always funny how that huge wave of lava comes up on that Samus stage, and then the Trainer is there in the background afterwards without a scratch on 'im. xD

    It's actually pretty easy once you get used to his slower speed. The power makes up for it though. :D Plus it is always a nice feeling when you throw a grenade or blow up a thing of C4 at/under an opponent. :)
    Yes. D:

    I was Game&Watch against Mon as Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle), one life each on the WarioWare Inc. stage. I tossed down a Motion Sensor Bomb, and then Mon jumped up and came at me. In a moment of panic, I rammed the control stick to the right...

    ...and walked right over the bomb I had just laid down.

    Needless to say, I lost that match. :/

    Ironically, only two matches later the game randomly chose G&W for me again while Mon was Pokémon Trainer again. By the time we had one life each, he was Squirtle again. The verdict was still the same... Only without the bomb. :U

    But then I got my revenge by winning with Snake a good three or four times in a row. B)
    I thought you'd like it. xD

    Pfft, we're from the FC Sempai. xD Nearly everyone there has talked about stalking at one point or another. xD
    The character part I wouldn't have problem with, it's just I really can't draw. D: Both because of my non-existent artistic abilities and my lack of either a scanner (for traditional art) or a tablet (for digital art). D: And they both are so expensiveee. D:

    xD Those seem to be attracted to me too. xD Especially when I'm with two of my friends. xD;;

    xDDD My stalking abilities are top notch! *shot* x3

    Really. x3 Why do all the good ideas happen when one is trying to sleep? xD

    Pff, you just made me spend a couple hours looking at PokéCity. xD It sounds pretty cool. :D
    inb4 this message goes on for three messages

    /Neither do I. xD



    It's funny, fic!Yel was originally like that, but I swear he developed into this completely by accident. xD I feel like Dr. Frankenstein now. D: xD


    That would actually be an interesting encounter. xD Would she react in shock? Or would the other events that go on in their backgrounds make it lose the surprise? xD

    \o/ I'm rubbing off on people! It's like the mummy virus, once you encounter me you start to be orgainized like me. xD That last sentence is very funny and a little ironic considering that a previous version of fic!Yel was a Cofagrigus gijinka xD

    Pff, this isn't really orgainized. :D *shot* Trust me. xD It's a good thing I have the ability to pin certain files to Word and stuff so I can just right click and go there, otherwise I'd be hunting all over my laptop for things. :D;;


    Well then when you're happy 'cause I'm happy 'cause you're happy then I'm happy 'cause you're happy 'cause I'm happy 'cause you're happy. x3 *shot*

    I know right? D: I really wish that people could've come on more a helped finish it... Besides you, myself, and Mon, of course. I had such good ideas for it too...


    But stilll. D: It's all running. Running everywhere. For nearly 10 minutes non-stop. D: And if someone starts to walk (and of course there's always one of those kind of kids), he starts the time back at the beginning. D:

    I wish you the best of luck this year for calculus. ;w; /doesn't really know what to say coz I've never done a calculus problem before xD;;
    Well I'll be damned. The VMs here actually do have limits. xD They're 2000 characters instead of 1000.

    [To your other message which I've yet to respond to, until now.]

    I'm glad that it makes you happy. x3 When you're happy, I'm happy. x3 /more sappiness!

    Same. :/ Plus when the only people that are still there act like Unknown...

    ;w; Now I feel loved.

    Luckyyyy. D: Thankfully I only have PE for one semester this year, but it still suuucksss. D: My coach makes us work our bones offff. D:

    Well, that's not too bad, I suppose. Hopefully you won't have as much homework that way. =3

    DDD: Now I wish I could draw. D: Then I could join in on all the fun. :D

    How funny. xD Don't you just love when that kind of conversation happens? xD One that just is so funny when looking back on it. xD

    You dare doubt your Kohai's stalking abilities? xD Like Sempai, like Kohai. x3 Having added you to my watch list and figuring out how the messages work has really helped too. xD

    One of my favorites from you is this pic of your Wynaut gijinka Natsumi. x3
    Yay for stalking! \o/ xD

    Nah, it doesn't bother me. xD

    Unlike back in the very beginning, fic!Yel has slowly evolved into his own character, and not just an OC of myself. xD And as such he has slowly aged through the fics, which explains how he's almost as old as fic!Sempai currently is. x3

    Over the months I've actually went through the fics and devised a set age for each one, eventually making a canon background for fic!Yel. xD Matching up with PokéSpec canon and everything!

    I actually have an age chart somewhere... Found it. :D

    That's all that I have done, so anything after that may or may not be regarded as canon for fic!Yel. xD

    ...I suddenly feel like such a geek for having done that.
    You? Never. I could never be mad at you sempai. ;w; /suddenly feels very sappy

    Unknown and Rin, on the other hand... Meh, I'm not actually mad at them either now that it's been a couple weeks. Still don't want to talk to either though.

    It does. D: Very much so. D: Especially with Phys. Ed...

    Calculus... Ugh. I haven't actually taken it yet, but I'm already dreading it. D: (And I'm actually one of if not the best at math in my school D:)

    ...I'm not going to lie, after reading that I went and looked at the recent visitors tab for the first time in a while. xD;; Let's see... there's you, Lunar-chan, shiny Brosharna, Rawld, Lumi, 2 acquantances from PRRX, a person in Project Legends, another Rotom fan :)D xD), and a friend of Lumi's I've never talked to. xD I must go thank him for doing that. xD Coz now I can talk to you easier. x3 (dA glitches up on my phone, which is what I'm primarily on during the week; another factor in not responding to those messages, unfortunately. xD;;)

    I think you'll enjoy it here. =3 Contrary to what some people said about Serebii on the FC, there are actually a bunch of really nice people on here. (And a few trolls, but they at least provide comic relief in their shenanigans. :D xD)

    Pokimono? I think I've looked at that group, though I never really considered joining whenever the next joining date is. I'd have to actually draw. DD: *shivers* I really like what you've drawn for it though! x3
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