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  • Hi, I have

    Movie Genesect Shiny
    Pokemon Center Nagoya Magikarp
    World Championships 2013 Smeargle
    VGC 2013 Metagross
    Summer 2012 Keldeo with the date received as August 27, 2012
    Video Game Championships 2012 Larvitar
    Pokemon Hills Mewtwo
    Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Kyogre
    Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Groudon

    Yamamoto’s Tournament Pokemon

    Chief Golgo’s Sableye

    Pokemon Game Show Pokemon
    Blue’s Pidgeot
    Lance’s Dragonite
    Wallace’s Milotic
    Steven’s Metagross
    Cynthia’s Spritomb
    Iris’s Haxorus
    Alder’s Volcarona

    Pokemon Center Best Wishes Pokemon
    Ash’s Pikachu
    Professor Oak’s Rotom
    Cilan’s Pansage

    Super strong Pokemon Present Campaign (shiny and regular)
    Kyogre *
    Groudon *
    Gardevoir *
    Walrein *
    Sceptile *
    Blaziken *
    Swampert *

    ExtremeSpeed Pikachu

    Nagashima Spa Land Pokemon

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    seiko 8m26
    Nah, I need to do some other stuff. It always takes so long because I have to transfer them from other games (they're spread around), 'cause I only clone on my Pearl (I dunno why. Guess I'm just weird).
    I only have the Magikarps ready on my Pearl. I can trade the rest on Friday if you want?
    Use my Pearl, I can trade those 5 now. Just give me whatever 5 that you got ready for me. Ok?
    Okay sounds good then. I am going to head into wifi now then using my HeartGold version, but I would like voice chat off (X button) during the trade.
    What friend code are you going to use for this trade?

    HeartGold Friend Code: 2494-5273-1189
    Diamond Friend Code: 0690-6618-2241
    Pearl Friend Code: 4513-2220-1460

    I am going to trade from my HeartGold version first, which only has one Pokemon you wanted.
    Are you able to trade now since you are currently online?

    EDIT: Since you are offline now, send me a VM once you are back online, please.
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