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a cat
Last Activity:
Aug 3, 2016
Feb 5, 2012
Likes Received:

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a cat

Member, from Kalos

a cat was last seen:
Aug 3, 2016
    1. a cat
      a cat
      I would say yes
    2. a cat
      a cat
      I don't know actually. The site has it as an option.
    3. sonic1
      is that a real pic, your avatar?
    4. gabriels1010
      im looking for Nossepast whit defence curl male for 3gen i want this pokemon to have it in my black2 , you can find it ??
    5. a cat
      a cat
      Yes sorry I am slow lately school is rough.
    6. Mrmuffin123
      Hi!i really need pokerus! Can you give it to me?
    7. a cat
      a cat
      Done and done.
    8. RedAce♠
      You need to clean out your inbox again ^^; I can't reply to your PMs till you do so.
    9. a cat
      a cat
      Ican be on in a about 2 hours from this time. I got to study tonight. I also have to run to the store quick to get water.
    10. Draco.
      when you are on today, lets play.
      but anyway i am just curious what
      wheather are you based on? :P
    11. a cat
      a cat
      No biggie. Bed is soon for me too. Tommorow maybe 9:00 am EST sound good?
    12. Draco.
      and we need to take the battle later, since now i need to sleep. sry
    13. Draco.
      yeah, you too but just so you know i will only play W2
    14. RedAce♠
      Hey the my Weatherbeat Down Tournament starts today, so please check your PM to see who you will be going up against. If you have any questions, let me know. You have a week to do your respective battle. Good luck
    15. a cat
      a cat
      Did that. Now all set lol
    16. RedAce♠
      Hey, I wanted to let you know you need to empty out your inbox, I can't send a reply since it says your box has reached the 200 count limit ^^;
    17. a cat
      a cat
      Tommorow at 1 pm EST?
    18. TerraWolf
      when will you be able to battle for the Gauntlet tourney?
    19. a cat
      a cat
      Yea today sometime sound good?
    20. Psilo
      Up for a battle in a few hours?
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Name: Leaflo
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage


    Team White in Rotation: :497: :500: :503: :530: :531: :538: :555: :580: :601: :635: :637: :641: :642: ;006; ;009; ;059; ;130; ;131; ;248; ;260; ;376;

    Looking for Vivillionof the world. Legendaries too!
    I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfect ivs, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are and treat them like individuals instead of drones. So I herd u leik teh mudkipz
    I have a group of Mudkips and Shinx looking for a good home. Pm me with offers. May just give them away for a Patrat :D