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    Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current Username: ROCK-RULEZ! New Username: A-GAME
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    Thank you so much!! ^_^

    Thank you so much!! ^_^
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    Official News Thread.

    My heart, prayers, and condolences go to the ones who have lost their lives in this tragedy, as well as to their families and loved ones. God bless them, and may their souls rest in peace.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Recently, I started playing SimAnimals on the Nintendo DS. It's pretty cool, and quite entertaining. If you like wildlife, and you love the Sims series, then this game is recommended.
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    Am I too Old?

    Dude, I'm a 23 year old Poke freak! And I'll be 24 in April! If it wasn't for my job, you'd be seeing me playing/watching Pokemon all the time. Well, not really all the time, but I guess you got the idea! XD I don't play or watch pokemon much these days 'cause work takes almost all of my...
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    Muslims United

    Well, yeah. If a song for example was just talking about sex and women and stuff, then I believe they can qualify as haram. For instance, you see those rap songs were the rappers would only be talking about women, sex, drugs, alchohol during the whole song, and you see half naked women dancing...
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    Muslims United

    You're welcome. Well. That is a very debatable issue. Some believe that music and singing distracts you from your duties, thus they deem it unacceptable or more likely forbiddin. However, I don't believe that every type of music is a bad thing and should be forbiddin. I mean, of course lowsy...
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    Muslims United

    Wow! Thank you very much! ^^ It'd be an honor. It's my pleasure to accept it! Although I don't come to Serebiiforums as I once used to, but I can still co-run this place! ;) And I would like to add something about what you said concerning the "terrorists". Those people falsely claim that...
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    Muslims United

    ^ Yeah, that's right. Basically in Heaven, the Quran teaches us that there you will be getting everything that you could ever ask for. Anything you want. The level of happiness and satisfaction there is just overwhelming. When you got there, you wont feel sad, sorry, ill, pain, thirsty...
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    Muslims United

    I don't know why for some reason, some people tend to complicate things when it comes to associating them to Islam. I mean, things are waaayy much simplier than they seem! Really, Islam is not really that complicated! :) The meaning of friendship in Islam is, the same as the meaning of...
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    I most likely will. I always get the third string game of a generation because usually it would be the best.
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    The most useless move

    Well, I guess it's pretty much agreed on the fact that the useless pokemon move is Splash. ...and there is a similer thread about this, I believe.
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    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    I'm not sure I would be buying this one. I mean, I already got camera, flash memory, media capabilities on my phone, and my DS Light is always good for games. So unless I get interested by a DSi-only bunch of games, I don't expect getting this device.
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    Muslims United

    Hi, I would like to comment on somethings that have been said here. In Islam (yes, I'm muslim), we believe that by fully embracing the idea of one God, one creater who created all and to whom everything belongs and in his hands lie the destiny of all things, that would eventually lead you...
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    Best fire starter

    When it comes to preference, I prefer Blaziken. He's my favorite fire starter. When it comes to competitive, well, I don't care about competitive so whatever! :p