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  • [5/10/2013 7:54:15 PM | Edited 7:55:00 PM] Garza: and I truly believe i can make my place in this world and make an everlasting impact on these youth
    [5/10/2013 7:54:18 PM] Garza: and hey who knows
    [5/10/2013 7:54:22 PM] Garza: make a friend or two ya know
    [5/10/2013 8:06:19 PM] Ianeh: yeah I get ya
    [5/10/2013 8:06:29 PM] Ianeh: I'm looking to make great friends along the way too
    [5/10/2013 8:06:45 PM] Ianeh: but more importantly I'm want my lord, Kotsy, to whip me into shape
    [5/10/2013 8:07:00 PM] Ianeh: but I can see psilo, emeraldgoblin, dew, and sucka punch becoming life long pokemon friends
    [5/10/2013 8:07:17 PM] Ianeh: we are going to be the best battlers on serebii in no time under kotsy's apprenticeship
    [5/10/2013 8:07:22 PM] Ianeh: he's truly an amazing individual
    [5/10/2013 8:07:24 PM] Ianeh: I love him


    I so need this in my life right now .-.
    [5/10/2013 7:49:25 PM] Ianeh: good for you
    [5/10/2013 7:49:30 PM] Ianeh: kotsy is really the best clan leader on serebii
    [5/10/2013 7:49:46 PM] Ianeh: creamery command is like the military for high school ruffians trying to find their way
    [5/10/2013 7:49:52 PM] Ianeh: he whips you into shape to become a great battler
    [5/10/2013 7:50:04 PM] Ianeh: and a respected, greasy member of serebii
    [5/10/2013 7:50:23 PM | Edited 7:52:25 PM] Garza: i been in denial
    [5/10/2013 7:50:25 PM | Edited 7:51:48 PM] Garza: for so long
    [5/10/2013 7:50:34 PM] Garza: but yeah
    [5/10/2013 7:50:36 PM] Garza: your right bro
    [5/10/2013 7:50:49 PM] Garza: its something i need . its been affecting my family and all
    [5/10/2013 7:51:04 PM] Garza: and its only getting worse if i dont choose to make a stand
    [5/10/2013 7:51:11 PM] Garza: and make things right for my life right now
    [5/10/2013 7:52:07 PM] Garza: I been in denial for so long man
    [5/10/2013 7:52:18 PM] Ianeh: I was as well
    [5/10/2013 7:52:40 PM] Ianeh: I didn't realize the good that can come from minimodding pokemon forums and befriending disgusting, greasy moderators
    [5/10/2013 7:52:44 PM] Ianeh: you can really gain some respect dude
    [5/10/2013 7:52:52 PM] Ianeh: especially if you're a great battler on top of that
    [5/10/2013 7:52:56 PM] Garza: .
    [5/10/2013 7:53:06 PM] Ianeh: I mean cmon, who doesn't want to be like miror, emeraldgoblin, and kotsy?
    [5/10/2013 7:53:18 PM] Ianeh: I want to give my youth to serving the serebii competitive forum
    [5/10/2013 7:53:22 PM] Ianeh: it's where I truly belong
    [5/10/2013 7:53:53 PM] Garza: Yeah man I had this crazy dream after I obtained my college degree that some of these young battlers will need like a mentor of some sort

    I so need this in my life right now. .-.
    [5/10/2013 7:35:32 PM] Garza: what clan u in ya goof
    [5/10/2013 7:36:41 PM] Ianeh: cremy
    [5/10/2013 7:36:43 PM] Ianeh: creamery :3
    [5/10/2013 7:36:51 PM] Garza: cute
    [5/10/2013 7:38:30 PM] Ianeh: yeah
    [5/10/2013 7:38:32 PM] Ianeh: it owns
    [5/10/2013 7:39:17 PM] Garza: well im happy for you man
    [5/10/2013 7:39:19 PM] Garza: i really am
    [5/10/2013 7:40:23 PM] Ianeh: yeah creamery command is my life bro
    [5/10/2013 7:40:29 PM] Ianeh: the way that kotsy runs it just makes me wet really
    [5/10/2013 7:40:42 PM] Ianeh: the rigid pokemon structure is great rehab from my past poketrolling ways
    [5/10/2013 7:40:46 PM] Ianeh: im just trying to turn my life around ya know?
    [5/10/2013 7:40:50 PM] Ianeh: and kotsy is helping me do that

    Wow you and that *** kots really like each other don't you ?
    Yo dude I heard you had to face that powerful pokemon trainer called Anakbae. Be very careful of this match because I heard people also call him the Anak the unstoppable Ground/Flying Gym leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, which server/channel will you be on on PO? Maybe the Salad Bar on the main server? That's just a random pick, but pick one you like better, if you want. What's your PO name, too? Mine's Roseheart.
    Yep, okay, which timezone are you in, and when are you free your time? I'm in GMT (+1 because of DST) and am usually free all day weekends and from 4pm - 9pm on weekdays
    Remember to do your Masterclass battle, deadline is wednesday this time!
    we nid to battle, srs, im free 7am-7pm weekdays GMT+8 , other times should be fine

    Let me know when u r free
    We need to battle ou tour, im working now so i cant make it 7am-7pm weekdays GMT+8 , other times should be fine
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