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Last Activity:
Jul 29, 2011
Jun 17, 2009
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Abenzio was last seen:
Jul 29, 2011
    1. Tarro57
      That is so cool. You're already at Summer? Not that far from Summer for me. I have 10 school days left! 15 days left until them! 2 days before my Birthday! GL with your 4 shiny hunts! SHINIES 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think 0.0)
    2. Tarro57
      I don't like this comment, I wish I could take it off.
    3. Mr.Breloom
      Shiny Ponyta!!! Oh my gosh!!!

      I'm sorry if that was a bit mean to you, but I saw that video and I laughed extremely hard. Anyways, I'm from the Shiny Hunter's Club so I guess I'm not some random person, I'm a random person from the Shiny Hunter's Club!
    4. PokeShinyHuntJack
      Totally agree with you. The whole point of shiny hunting is to go at your own pace and have fun, instead of being told how much you can hunt (one way or another) and it seems more like a Chore to do the circuit, so i am dropping out of it too.
    5. ShinyYousef123
      Abenzio you know its ok that you gave up the circuit. i only gave up the circuit because you were not in.
    6. ShinyYousef123
      good luck on your serebii shiny circuit hunt. mine is so hard =( but im not gonna give up.
    7. Pikmaster
      hey man, its shinypokeradar from yt and i pmed u about an msn...just wondering if you have an msn, in which case we could chat while hunting in the ciruit! if u dont wanna thats fine but good luck hunting ^__^
    8. Caedakar
      Nice job on the shiny Chansey im thinking about getting a gameshark so I could warp to Faraway Island, Navel Rock, Birth Island, and Southern Island so I could soft reset for those legendaries on Emerald do you think its worth the 20 dollars?
    9. ShinyYousef123
      your awesome man can you be my friend cool shiny chansey
    10. Tarro57
      Man, I don't get that much time to hunt, I'm still after Kyurem (500 SRs). But good luck with Snivy, I hope March Madness comes to me.
    11. ShinyDoug
      Thanks for the inspiration from your YouTube! I posted in the club about a couple new hunts you inspired me to do.
    12. Iron Beast
      Iron Beast
      wow. lot of hunts but little time. any way i wish you good luck
    13. Jonny7197
      Ditto here dude! If there are still spaces i would like to join the contest, yo seemed to pick the obvious choices for the starting people, and i thought id like to give a go! Also i do have a video recording camera *pokes shiny trapinch vid* so yeah if there are spaces could you pm me and tell me whether i could do it?
    14. Keruso
      like everyone else, shoot me a PM about that shiny team thing. i may not be able to participate if i need a video camera, but it does sound interesting
    15. G-Money
      I'd like to join, if you don't mind. If anyone drops out or if there are 4 extra people to form another team, I'd love to be in. I don't have a camera though, so if I can't play because of that, I won't be able to do it.
    16. ChaoticInverse
      Hey I wanted to know if there was any more spots open in the shiny hunting team contest? If there was then I'd really like to try it. I'd also like to know more about it, either way it seems really cool.
    17. manaphee
      shoot me a PM about the shiny hunting teams? ^_^ thanks!
    18. ShinyDoug
      Dangit! I don't have a video camera...
    19. Jonny7197
      Can you pm me telling about the tean hunting contest! I think it would be a great idea, but i'd like to know more about this contest!
    20. Chocoloboo
      What exactly is the shiny hunting team about? care to PM me please?
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