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Recent content by Abraace

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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Here's number 53; and we're hinting at backstory. Oh my!
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Borderlands 2 and Pokepark 2. Weird combination.
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    I forgot to post the previous comic here, so I'll do both now; Ace of Abra 'Redux'd' #51 Ace of Abra 'Redux'd' #52
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    Who is Your Least Favorite Character in The Whole Game?

    Cheren. -Jerk always turned up at the worst times. N -Talks about liberating Pokemon and not forcing them to live in Pokeballs. Then challenges me to a Pokemon battle where he throws out pokeballs containing Pokemon including legendary Zekrom/Reshiram. What a hypocrite.
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    What's your Favorite Generation 4 Pokemon?

    Originals: Infernape line, Floatzel line, Lucario line Evolutions from previous gens: Mamoswine, Mismagius, Magmortar, Elecvire, Probopass, Togekiss. I'm much more a fan of the updated Pokemon.
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    Do you still like 4th Generation games?

    I'll return for Soul Silver, but it's unlikely I'll visit Sinnoh willingly again. Pearl was my least favourite game of the franchise with the exception of Battle Revolution and almost put me off the franchise, but the Unova region managed to regain my interest.
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Ace of Abra 'redux'd' #50
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Number 49; Holy crap it's twice as long! Enjoy that it won't happen super often(as this comic was kind of a pain in the butt with that many panels)
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    OVGD's Top 100 Games of all Time

    I personally believe Team Fortress 2 should be ever so slightly higher. Valve have created a constant stream of updates and are one of the few video game companies that treat their fans with respect. It's free to play now, for goodness sake! One of the greatest shooters of all time, it has...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Team Fortress 2, but that's not a big surprise. I've been playing it for about six hours a week at least for the past year. Mann Vs. Machine update I've yet to play though. Besides this one, Pokemon's probably the only other series I've played for that kind of time. Considering getting Pokemon...
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Ace of Abra 'Redux'd' 48 Let's get to Saffron City Gym already!
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    My very first Sprite Animation

    (To Mods: Posted this in Digital Media first, but was pointed this should be the place to post it, maybe delete it from there for me?) From my webcomic; Ace of Abra, here's a silly little animation I did for fun.
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    Teleport Request Denied - Sprite Animation

    Today I decided to play around with some sprite edits I made in Flash. This is the result. Critiques welcome. If anyone can tell me a good way to make the resolution less grainy too, I'd be grateful. Original sprites all from Spriter's Resource -Ace
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Not exactly a comic; but this could easily happen next.
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    Ace of Abra (Redux)

    Trust Vs. Abandonment issues. Ace of Abra "redux'd" 47