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Recent content by abrar14

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    Soccer Thread

    Liverpool are bossing it this year.... If Chelsea don't want Mata, he's always welcome at anfield.
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    Remember me ? :3

    Remember me ? :3
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    Soccer Thread

    This is Gonna be a gopd year for Liverpool. If we can keep Suarez i can see us getting into the top 4.
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    The last movie you saw

    Despicable Me 2
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Call her and you will have that option. Or you could go to your house and talk to her.
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    Soccer Thread

    You had me until the liverpool part.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Sonic and all stars racing transformed and Farming simulator 2013.
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    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    Breaking away from the current discussion, I am so exited about Raw in London on Monday. It's my 2nd live event and the freaking Undertaker is gonna be there.
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    The True or False Game!

    False Next poster likes flowers
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    My favourite spin offs are probably the mystery dungeon series.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    Long time no see :)
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    What was your favorite 4th Gen game?

    I prefer HG/SS to D/P/PT.
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    Do You use HM slaves?

    I usually catch the rat pokemon from the first route and use that as my HM slave.
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    Most Prized Pokemon?

    My fist shiny ever, which was a Hopip