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  • lol XD Not really. xD Thanks a lot! ^^ It's weird to be this old already... o_O Plus, I'm not REALLY 21 - my 21st year is over, and now I'm IN my 22nd. =| *likes philosophizing* =3
    Ahh.... xD Yeah. =p Been considering getting more active on Serebii, soon, though. 8) The fact that it's faster now helps a lot. :O
    Hey, would you like to join a gaming forum?
    Final Smash - Gaming & Entertainment Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    There's forums for all different kinds of systems.
    Microsoft (Halo, Gears of War, CoD4), Sony (Little Big Planet), Nintendo (Pokemon, Mariokart,SSBB)
    It's a small and growing forum, so if you decide to join up, have fun.
    Oh and remember to put "Postman" as your referral.
    If you decide to not join, I understand
    Hey! Yeah, I know I do. >_> But, I AM still alive. xD I might start to get on a little more often eventually, though. Not sure, but maybe. =| So, thanks for checking on me! ^^ Hmm... Oh, right! I might just post in the Summit with some news! ...some Frontier-related news! ;D
    OMG it's me!!!!!!! D=
    And...... your last activity was Sep. 11 D=
    Last Activity: 9-11-2008 3:42 PM
    Join Date: 9-19-2006
    Referrals: 0 *

    *to say I'm not lying xD*

    Well, BOO!
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