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Absol Of The Apocalypse

i am a fourth gen vet i have beat platinum 5 and am now working on emerald* Done emerald

pokemon I like: absoul, Swampert, and Charizard

People I like:

LavaBurst: she is such a nice person is really nice and would never hurt you (unless you piss her off, i wouldn't leave you alone. not with her or any of my friends)
AWildMew (he was my first ever friend on this site and has never let me down, he is so awesome can rp like nobody else!)
Trickter Zorua: (this guy is down right awesome, and is a great RPer!)
Bleuumbreon (whenever I am sad I go to this guy to make me happy, he is my guild rival (soon)
TheDarkKnightFalls (this guy is a perfect friend and a great pokemon battler'
ReshizeKyurem (RzK is such a nice guy, really glad to have him on my side, and can't wait to start talking again)
and those are my friends there are no favorites cause it would be impossible to pick one in my opinion
BlackStar80: she is an amazing rper, so nice, likes anime like me, we have so much in common i could go on and on.
Minedreigon: such a nice guy, he has great idea's ALL the time, and he is a super awesome battler!
I like RPing it is really fun so if you like RPing i'm your guy, I mostly like to RP in romance, action, ect
TheGiftedFlareon: Such an awesome gal! she is an awesome conversatoinalist too, and can make you laugh a lot i was so young when a wrote all the above had to update my friends description and by golly it would have been a blow to the gut if i kept that and was on the other side of the screen. BUT! i am goin to say that TheGiftedFlareon is definetly gotta have some alteration: she i a great Rper and is one of the one that kept on thinking of me while i was gone, thank you.

i like the animes: basilisk (unless you REALLY like gruisome don't ask), Angel beats (tragic romance), soul eater (hard to explain the word awesome), and wlling to try anything, i love anime it is something very fun to watch and have ran out of stuff to watch please if you are reading this and i am not dead tell me about anime PLEASE

LOL what lay here before was a stupid unpruned bush, now i understand things better, and realize what the hell most everyone was getting mad at me about, IRL and on serebii.

playing pokemon, working on beekeeping, Zelda, and RPing
in your head making a disaster
Favourite Pokémon
My homeschool




Thankz to Astral Shadow for the team pose, and Myself for the banner!​