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Jun 27, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
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Absol-utelyDemonic was last seen:
Jun 27, 2012
    1. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      Absol-lutely awesome username! Hope you enjoy it on the forums! ^_^
    2. ShinyMienshao
      Hey there, welcome to serebii :D
    3. White_Roar~
      Hi my name is Ducklett12 Welcome to Serebii Forums! and if you any questions feel free to ask and feel free to add me as a friend it's always nice to talk to new people and if you really like Absol I wanted to tell you that my Pokemon Black Team is
      Mandibuzz, Gothitelle, Scrafty, Serperior (Shiny), Swampert (Shiny), and Emboar
      I some times rotate with a Zoroark (Shiny), Absol (Shiny), Vespiquen

      Tell me what you think of the team ^_^ Also (I'm a boy)My Favorite Pokemon is Froslass
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    [​IMG] ;197; I bet Nuzlocke runs have the ability to make grown men weep! :D ;359;