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  • Well, the problem with the Draco Meteor idea is that Draco Meteor only lowers your SAtk 1 stage, so you would only be boosting their SAtk by one stage. If you wanted to boost it any higher, you'd have to force your pokemon to use weaker and weaker Draco Meteors.
    I liked the name four years ago when I made the account. But I started to hate it because I hated everyone that I met named Skyler/Skylar.

    I haven't seen the animations! But I do know about a move that will change the metagame... It's called Topsy-Turvy and it inverts the opponent's stat changes. This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH. I hope some Prankster pokemon get it.
    I mean what do you mean by "Heh, why did you even get the nAme you had in the first place?"

    I really agree. I'm not even excited by the new designs. The squid one is kinda cool, and a few that were released earlier, but not much yet.
    Huh? what do you mean?

    I'm not a fan of any of the new pokemon :/ The cotton candy one is ok, but not great. I really like all the new character designs though
    My username finally changed!!

    I understand that. I doubt it's gonna be big, just a gimmick. I'm still excited though.

    I can understand the stat split but honestly I don't care much for Honedge and don't want a counterpart.
    I really really don't want wild triples o.o Wild doubles are eniough. I do like the idea of horde battles, though. And sky battles sound awesome.

    We don't need a shield! We already have Bronzor!
    I didn't like it at first. I thought it was out of place as a pokemon and belonged in the Legend of Zelda. I'm ok with it now. I think That's because of all the golurk knight posts I've seen on reddit.
    Yeah, it does.

    Tv shows right? At the moment I'm watching Arrested Development on netflix and it's absolutely hilarious. The plot twists in that show are absolutely insane. The characters are great as well.

    I'm also watching (but am on a hiatus from because of Arrested Development) 30 Rock and I'm almost done with what of it's on netflix. Great show as well.
    Haha it's fine XD

    My favorite has to be Warp, but I also really like bumblebee, ECharge, and reflect barrier. And then sometimes I'll put in Double Item for a fun filler.
    No, it's incredible. Possibly one of the best powers. Especially if you use BB (although I know it's banned in competition). But if you have Warp and Reflect Barrier you can get things done.
    Oh, I see. Anything else banned?

    And I just fused a nice 5.5/0 Standing Ch. shot +4 Laser Staff. I haven't used it much, though.
    Ohhh my god. I HATE fighting that heart. Jesus christ. Trade-off has been helping me lately with bosses though, It makes it easier to kill them quickly.
    Hmm, don't know how much I can say to all this. I agree with you on Noivern, it looks really cool.

    I haven't heard the names of the towns 0.0

    Also, I've been trying to do chapter 19 of KI:U on 9.0 all day today and it's too hard...
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