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My name is Caitlin. Just some favs here, and anything else I think of:

Color: Black (I also like purple and red)

Type: Dark/Dragon (That does not automatically put Hydreigon at the top of my "Pokemon I like" list, though.

Pokemon: I don't actually have one, though I have a soft spot for (in no particular order): Absol, Skitty, Oshawott line, all Legendaries, Riolu/Lucario, and Zorua/Zoroark.
But I do not like Spiritomb. That is the only Pokemon I really think is creepy.

Book: Don't even ask. I'm fairly well-read, if I say so myself, and if you ask I will go into a nice long list, a few of which you will probably never heard of before. PM me if you really want to know.

Video Game: In Pokemon, I like pretty much anything you throw at me. I like the main games (SS, B, and B2, specifically), Shadows of Almia, Guardian Signs, Explorers of Sky, and Conquest. Elsewhere in video games, I like Dragon Quest IX, Super Mario 3D Land, MarioKart 7, Scribblenauts, Okamiden, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and Kid Icarus: Uprising (which is one of my favorite games EVER.)

Currently trying to finish the main campaign of Pokemon Conquest. I just beat Viperia, so Yaksha is next. And after that, the Hideyoshi event should activate. I think.

My location is represenative of where I am in the game I am currently playing. So you might end up seeing things like Black Tower, the Aurora nation, Hyrule Field, The Basilica, Jonah Town, etc. And if you recognized either of those last two, good for you! Feel free to send me your friend code!

Actually, feel free to PM me, period. I like talking with people. And I accept all friend requests.

Video games, reading, drawing, writing, mythology
Glacial Palace
Favourite Pokémon
Being smart (it's up to you to decide in what way.


Friend code for Black 2 : 1636-2111-8728
3DS FC: 5284-1545-9634

You can't appreciate something if you can't accept the darkness within. ;359;