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  • I honestly dislike almost all of the names. Talonflame is by far the worst. I actually like all of their designs, though. I don't love the lobster and the seahorse but they're fine.

    And I really doubt that all three of those guys are rivals...

    Ok, the newer corocoro leaks I'm not liking so much. I know Pokemon is a kids' game but they're making it more and more childish.
    I'm psyched about everything they released today. I like fairy type a lot more than I used to, and both of the pokemon they released look awesome.

    I'm somewhat excited for smash bros but i don't know if I'll get it. My top 3 games I want are Y, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Wind Waker (although I don't have a wii U :()
    Well, I mean if you think about it none of it is a really big deal as most 10-year-olds won't catch it. And then you look at our tv/movie ratings - They make hilarious sexual innuendos all the time in most of the TV-14 shows I watch. I just watched Star Trek Into Darkness and they say "****" a few times. Nawt a big deal 0.0

    Also this exists XD
    Haha those are weird

    You don't have to tell me though XD

    I have my finals this week and I have to study for them but I really just want to watch Arrested Development on netflix...
    I like some of the first gen designs and dislike others. Some of my favorites are from first gen. I'm not a fan at all of fourth gen designs. There were only a select few that I like. Same with gen five.

    Gen 3 is amazing though and will always be my favorite.
    I kinda like Spiritomb. I don't hate it but I don't love it.

    My least favorite pokemon ever are Emboar, Garchomp, and Magmortar. I don't hate Skymin but it's one of my least favotite alternate formes.
    I'm indifferent about the rotom formes. I can see why you don't like them but I don't really feel anything to them.

    My least favorite forme is Skymin. To be honest, I hardly ever remember it actually existing.
    Ohh right. I dunno, I was kind of hoping Black and White Kyurem would be uncatchable. I'm kind of tired of seeing alternate formes.
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