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  • I dunno, everything in fourth gen just seemed really soft and pastel. Then in fifth it did again but not as much. Everything is just looking too cutesy so far. And the sixth gen 3D graphics look really really soft and naive.

    Haha that would be great if it was S. GRAMPS.

    I noticed that thing with the DNA but I'm still kind of surprised. Wasn't there already a bunch of DNA splicing and stuff in 5th gen?
    Hmm I really like a lot of these new stuffs. I'm not the biggest fan of the graphics, they seem to be becoming softer in each generation. I'm glad the region is based off france. I hate how the characters walk, though... They look like they soiled themselves and have to get to a bathroom...

    I don't think it will be light type because that means that they will have to retype everything. Gamefreak knows about the huge amout of people who enjoy competitive battling and I highly doubt they would introduce another type. It would completely change the metagame.

    One other theory (which I don't believe) is that Light and Sound types will be introduced. Xerneas will be light and Yveltal will be Sound because of the shape of his body and the fact that he was the only 'mon in the original trailer that made a noise.
    I think Xerneas will be Normal or Normal/Rock and Yveltal will be Dark/Flying. I really hope there isn't a new Light type.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yak that you can ride on!!!! It's ****ing adorable! I also like the robin.

    The lizard, on the other hand, I don't like at all, and I don't like the panda either. For some reason everyone loves the panda. It just looks like a third Oshawott/Chespin. I forsee more similar ones coming.

    I'm psyched that the region is based of france, I'm psyched that there is character customization, I'm psyched that you can use rollerblades, and I'm psyched about the box art. Can't wait.
    Haha, I didn't know that XD

    What do those mean? And how do you even pronounce Cwms??

    I love that the B in "Subtle" is subtle.
    Chem went really well! Spanish was kind of hard but it's over so there's that!

    German, huh? My friend speaks German, it sounds like a fun language to speak. You get to combine words to form big words :D
    Hahaha why on earth would you break a can opener??

    Oh my god did you know they make dulce de leche flavored cheerios??
    I'm actually serious. It's a hell of a lot more fun than pre-calc. And I wish we could do algebra again, that stuff was a blast compared to this.

    Titrations are something you do to find the acidity of a solution. What we did in one lab was, we had some acid and we titrated it with Sodium Hydroxide, a strong base. That basically means we added base from a buret until all the acid was neutralized, then measured how much base we added, and used that to find out how much acid was in the sample. And before we did this we added phthenolthaline, an indicator, to the acid, which made the solution turn pink when it was done reacting.

    Oo, what are you doing in NC??
    GCFs are fun!!! I wish I could do that again!!

    First test done, it went surprisingly well EXCEPT for the backside of the free response about titrations... Didn't know that at all and left it blank. But after the curve I should be fine.

    I'm playing Pearl right now, training in Iron Island. My team is in its mid thirties and consists of Staraptor, Gengar, Torterra, Magmar, Gastrodon, and Vespiquen.

    Hmm. For recommendations... I honestly don't know. I'm considering getting Yoshi's Island 3D or Mario and Luigi: Dream Team once they come out for nostalgia purposes. Other than that, FIRE EMBLEM!!! It's soooooo good.
    Hahaha it's ok, no hard feelings XD

    I don't think I'm gonna buy it then. I'm gonna wait till Y, and maybe get Yoshi's Island 3D for that sweet nostalgia value.

    Sounds like you've got a lot going on! I'm kinda stressed too, we have our state testing this week (which is actually not stressful at all) but I have FOUR AP Chemistry tests in the next two weeks. FOUR!!!
    Is it any good? I played the demo and didn't really like it, and I'm really unhappy with the extremely limited selection of pokemon. Plus I don't really like the 3d aspect, to be honest... The previous PMD games are much more enjoyable for me.

    And thanks! I made some baklava last night and then my family went to the beach like we do every year.

    Don't call it retarded, that makes you sound dumb :c

    Jesus christ, that kid has anger issues. I hope he was suspended for a while.
    Isn't an actress considered an actor as well? Like I think the collective term for a group of actors and actresses is just "actors"
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