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Absolutely Absol

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  • Hello :)

    I made a really nice post about korrina, and how she's been helping me, on a hello kitty forum. I could show you it, if you like :) I think its very uplifting. Stuff about how accepting people have been of my liking her, dispite her being female (in fact, her possible age has seemed more an issue to people than her gender. from my experiences).

    And how she helps me see the good in others/feel relating to them more.
    Oh another Johto pokemon i like a ton is Blissey. Blissey is pretty adorable and frilly X3
    I see your favorite type is ghost, isn't it? :p I'm a fairy type fan. I like normal and fighting a lot too (fighting appealing to me mainly due to my crush on korrina, probably XD i duno...).

    It is outworldly :3 Lets see, what other pokemon is like that....hmn.....Arceus?

    My favs per gen uhhh

    Kanto: Pikachu or Mew or Eevee
    Johto: Pichu or Meganium :p
    Hoenn: Skitty or Jirachi
    Sinnoh: DEFENETLY Lucario
    UNOVA: Maybe Hydreigon cuz of my name here XD
    Kalos: Sylveon :3
    Alola: I'm thinking Comfey or Lycanroc

    Yes, a lot of 'ors', i noticed that, too XD
    Thanks for the happy birthday :D

    Absol is feline-ish. Do you like dog like pokemon? I remember you telling me a lot of pokemon you liked once, but i forget what they were.
    Cats are cool animals. :3 They're just so fluffy and lovable looking, but they can also stick up for themselves well xD They're like badass adorable :3

    By the way, today is my birthday :D

    And thanks ^_^ Its better for your health to be optimistic really :)
    Not really :/

    Yeah they're really cute :3

    I like drawing korrina^^ she's happy

    I'll be sure to check them out sometime :)

    I admit; i do get nervous around negative people. They used to pick on me, anyways. So it may be a healthy fear of not wanting to fall into depression and hopelessness again....so if i diside to stop talking to you, its nothing against you. Its just my protecting myself from something that could bring me down again. I used to be too easily saddened with the autism anyways :(
    Hmn. Well I haven't had many pet cats in my life (actually i've only had one), so its hard to say what I like best. Though i guess the neighbors cat was an orange tabby XD I think a lot of other cat breeds are cute, too, i think. A favorite dog breed is a lot easier to choose for me, as the pet I have now is a pure breed dog. And he is a shiba inu, so shiba inus are my favorite dog breed ^_^

    Its fine now you know what bothers me :)

    I'm a people person when it come's to online people, i guess XD But I also think I like being around my dog a lot too.

    Those three games are adorable :) I hope you get to play them sometime. Dreamland 3 and 64 are very colorful games, too :3 Speaking of colorful things, do you like to draw? I do but I seem to mostly draw korrina nowadays XD

    I looked at images of Boo the pomeranian on google images last night :D He's soooo cute. If you're an animal lover you should check him out sometime. He's considered the world's cutest dog, though i'd say he's the second cutest to me cuz my dog, Simba, is always going to be the number one cutest dog in my eyes :p And that will never change.
    I guess i see cats as girly cuz they're accociated with the feminine side a lot? And they're cute? XD You're view is interesting and different, i must say. Girly or not though i like cats :3

    Yeah, I think that does cause people online to be mean :( i'm glad this forum isn't filled with those types of people though :)

    Lets not talk about peer pressure. Its one of the ways people have bullied me; bringing up peers and making me feel bad about myself :( Even hearing/seeing the word causes me anxiety. Please stick to happy topics around me, please. Video games are always a nice topic.

    Awww water and leaf sound cute^^ I haven't played the games they're in yet.
    I should like saying thank you more, but I still suffer emotional trauma over how people online used to treat me :/ Its made me think, sometimes, i shouldn't be as nice to people as i should be. But I should get over that. Its perfectly okay to be positive, and it won't make me end up going around 'killing' people.

    Those people who said those things will happen to me are trolls and nothing more. It does seem the net has a lot of those :/
    Oh, and...You're welcome :3

    I wish it wasn't raining today; rain gives me bad headaches :/
    lol thanks :3 I don't think you dislike girly things THAT much; you seem to like cats :3 Cats are kind of girly XD

    People who think pokemon is 'for babies' make me laugh. A lot. How could a game that requires reading skills be for people who haven't even memorized the entire alphabet yet? Hallerious. Comedy gold. People can be too funny haha

    I haven't played kirby much in awhile, but i like him a lot, too :D And super smash brothers melee XD And any hello kitty/sanrio game is good to me too. Whats your favorite kirby ability? :3 i guess i like cupid overall most, maybe XD or fighter.
    Those are pretty good^^

    I avoided social media for years myself cuz people loved telling me it was wrong to like girly things :/ Idiots....

    Even now, i feel pokemon is the only thing i should like. And nothing else. Hence why i want to get into pokemon games a lot more.
    It's okay. :) I started feeling better after taking my medications and stuff. My mom said i may be too exicted about my birthday (august 16th btw. Are you good at drawing? maybe you could draw me a korrina for it XD)

    I do like nature too. I see a lot of it too since i have a pet dog and i walk him everyday :) And i'm sure it does help.

    OMG wow tyranisaurus chicken XD Nope, will NEVER unsee THAT. (btw, i'm actually a vegetarian XD so i never eat chickens :3)

    That gif is so funny XD thank you for showing me it ^_^ *hug*
    *sigh* Thats good to hear, i guess...

    What about some t-rex videos? Oh right he's dead.

    (sorry i'm not in a good mood. i melted down badly irl, got insulted for it, and i threw out the magazine that triggered me...)
    I prefer light and happy. I'm sensitive to negativity. :/

    I actually liked the md games. They were pretty neat to me.

    Around 6-7, i guess.

    *high five's ya* Yep :3 I like it here^^
    I'm a vegetarian so i don't relate to eating fish XD

    Thats true. I'm glad stuff like that isn't in the newer games much :3 Death themes just sadden me.

    Yeah, i find it funny how some people think pokemon is 'for babies' when babies can't even read LOL

    I do try to be offline sometimes. Also, though this year has changed it for me a lot, the net used to be a horrible place for me and got me depressed often. But now it seems to give me joy thanks to the growing love i'm gaining for pokemon again this year with my crush on korrina and stuff :)
    You're welcome :3

    I've been feeling icky today. I don't think i got enough sleep. Maybe too excited about having foods i haven't had for years and stuff since my mom wants to go to a super market we haven't shopped at for awhile again o.o;;;
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