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Absolutely Absol

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  • Yeah, nintendo doesn't seem to like kalos for some reason o_O

    Then again, the story with team flare may of been too dark tbh. I mean they really talked about destroying the world and stuff....pokemon's still a kid's game too. If there was a sequal, it woulda had to been rated E10 at least IMO.

    I like geno 6 but mainly for korrina. If not for that, maybe johto or alola. Or unova.
    That's really interesting! I think i've lip read a couple of times, too, even though i'm not deaf.

    I wonder what your favorite pokemon game was. I don't think I have a favorite, i like pretty much all the ones i played :)
    Surrealism is fun :3 I have really good dream recall. I'm curious what you dream about. You being deaf may also make these dreams extra interesting to hear. I've never heard a deaf person's dreams before.
    Hi! Its been awhile! :3

    I haven't known what to talk about, but i'm gonna try to ask some things right now.

    Do you like coloring books? Have you ever watched Alice in Wonderland?

    Those were what came to mind ^_^ And alice is one of my favorite movies of all time and i've seen the orrigional disney alice in wonderland around 20 times :3
    Yeah, red would look like blood XD ick. i like red flowers and clothing, though x3

    Thats interesting! So, you've been deaf all your life, then? o.o wow...

    That sounds rough if you can't even hear words :( I'm glad they might be working to change it now, though :)

    Sorry i didn't answer back right away been kinda losing interest in serebii's and the net overall lol
    First prob solved!

    Second prob, also solved, probably. It doesn't matter how scratch free the disc is, as it is still a TON of data to be read. Too much in fact, and to the point where the hard drive freezes while trying to read it. It's still usable, but you'd have to eject the disc. However, my solution would be to find the virtual cd image online and put it into your emulators respective folder and stuff. I'm not a tutorial person, so you'd have to ask the internet on how to do the rest.

    You get used to it. I play Gran Torismo 1 with my keyboard. Easy!
    It's called DualShock.

    And no. Actually, PS1 Discs are no more than Compact Discs with Graphics put into them. I can put the disc into my external cd drive and play it using the emulator.

    One of the PS games works on my CD player. It just plays the soundtracks, but it's interesting...
    What color paint do you like fighting with the most? :)

    I'm sure if I had the game i'd probably like yellow, or red, or pink if they have pink xD Pink's my favorite color anyways lol

    What's your first language? :)

    I used to study japanese for the fun of it :3 I've also learned words in french, spanish, and greek, too. Oh and also italian. I think I used to know the italian word for 'cool'. It was VERY catchy sounding but i can't think of what the word was right now XD; I'm sure my memory will jolt back if i look it up, though. Languages have always interested me. Interestingly, I also have phobias of certain english words. I suppose fear can lead to fastanation o.o;
    Damn man. So similar. My PS1's disk reader gave out a year or two ago. I still have it.

    Emulators? You don't need a controller, but the Spyro games...don't work with the disk...I tried. My laptop had troubles reading the first game. Third game...stuck at the title screen.
    Oh okay thats fine XD I think I do tend to prefer looking at non human characters now, too. Maybe part of why is i don't like feeling like i'm 'cheating' on korrina too much xD; I wouldn't also have crushes on non human animals...haha....i just wouldn't.

    That sounds like a fun game. Maybe one day i'll play it too :) And i think i understood the description xD You seem good at explaining things :)
    Ohhh thanks for the url i may check it out :3

    Splatoon is really fun i bet ^_^ Coloring all your opponents :33

    Who know's, maybe you'll even end up crushing on a character from pokemon, like i do XD
    Awww, i just noticed you made a kitty face! Its very cute! :3 What keys did you press to make that? :eek: I'm curious :)
    Pokemon games are really fun :D I'm trying to win y now.

    Yeah, I had some pretty negative friends on facebook, too. So I don't like going on there anymore.

    The Pokemon anime is awesome in my opinion ^_^ Its what got me so into korrina XD Her sunglassses look from the anime is still my favorite look for her lol
    That's okay! I like making friends. Though I do love to RP the heck out of myself, I like to try and be there for anyone who needs comforting. The more friends, the better! As I always say.

    never played the second one. Best first one after 13 years. Bought the third one a few years ago.
    Yes, kitties are good :3 Kitty videos are sweet and cheerful ^_^

    My brother prefer's to keep private too. He really doesn't like when I mention him to people online.

    Awww, water is a nice type. I choose all different types; though having grown up around plants a lot, and my general dislike for violence, it would seem i would use grass most XD But i actually like all 3 starter types equally. Pokemon's kind of different from most things for me, i guess o.o I had a friend who was confused about how much I like pokemon, given my sensitive nature, too. So don't think you're alone if it confuses you too XD; But, yeah, I actually in truth consider pokemon to be pretty positive. Especially now with my crush on korrina helping me mentally so much ^_^ even though her anime arc is actually pretty scary XD Not sure i'd watch those episodes before bed at night...lol....well, not episodes 3 and 4 of it, anyways.
    Yeah, those types of games make me feel ill. I REALLY think people should look at happier things. So many people seem to dislike happy things that it makes it feel wrong to like them at all :(

    I have one brother. He like's magical girl anime a lot :)

    I wonder what starter you picked on your red^^
    Shooters sadden me. Too much violence :(

    How long have you been a pokemon fan for? I've been one since age 11. It feels like i got into it so old compaired to other people.
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