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Absolutely Absol

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  • I understand. And, knowing how sensitive i can be, it's good you were a little worried, i guess^^;; I'm prone to meltdowns when people say the wrong things to me...sadly....anyways on to happier topics :p

    I've wanted to play splatoon but i don't have the right systems for it. A game where you fight with paint balls sounds like a lot of fun though 8D I've always liked colors and artsy stuff a lot.
    I'm glad you seem to not want to put me down for liking girly things, at least xD; also, my crush on korrina makes me want to put up with you...she's a tomboy too....(i'm so happy to have her in my life)

    I duno what else to talk about lol
    Really? When my swellow was a taillow, it always one hit koed enemies o.o; weird. Maybe... your's have bad IVs?

    The idea of dying is way too scary for me so i hope I never end up losing my house or having to live homeless :'(

    Drawing is nice. My drawings tend to be pretty girly....even some of the ones i do of korrina :) I drew her with a princess crown on her head once XD
    Swellow is powerful :3 I plan on not using any legends for my elite 4 team on my emulated ruby file^^

    Ohhh yeah the L block is awesome :D

    I also don't want to lose any of my stuff :/ and houses cost a lot

    Do you like to color in coloring books? :) I do. especially adult coloring books with lots of nature pictures to color^^
    I bet you like taillow and swellow a lot^^

    Whats your favorite tetris block? XD I need to know :3 I like the purple ones^^

    Yeah, with the autism i tend to get spooked at the idea of living on my own. I hope my crush on korrina doesn't lead to my mom abandoning me just cuz my daydreams about her can get a little extremeist O_O;;; i really worry about that....
    Also blue tits sound like really cool birds :3 I may look up what they look like sometime XD

    EDIT: Awww they're so cute looking :3 they also kind of remind me of taillow from pokemon X3
    Just so you know; i need to send join codes to people to get them to join. Its too risky to undisable sign ups as i was trolled really badly on the second day of my forum and I do not want it ending up deleted 'cuz some people insist on saying things that are against proboards Terms Of Service.
    I like swans XD They're girly like I am lol

    Ohhh i always loved games like those as a kid :3 I was always really good at them. Are you a tetris fan?

    That's fine. I'm a little concerned about my forum, sadly; it seem's the join code for it won't send to this one person i talk to on here o____O; i hope there's no issue with the site sending those now....if there is i may not be ever able to have more than the 19 members I have now. I guess 19 is a good number, for a proboards forum, but i still wanted it to be more like my old pokemon forum; which had almost 250 members when i deleted it.
    Awww tiny birds are cute^^

    Yeah, she is my number 1 favorite :) It's clear she's been helping me a lot this year too. I think she helps me not want to pay attension to stereo types as much anymore, too.

    I'm great at fighting games, it seems XD but my brother's even better at them^^

    I could invite you to my forum sometime, if you like.
    Aha. Yeah, I get sensory overload pretty often xD Sometimes i can't look at korrina images due to it, cuz they'll make me get too 'excited' or something o.o as you can see....i have a major crush on her XD; I don't really like looking at other female characters i feel i'm attracted to as much due to my sensory overload and wanting to stay 'faithful' to korrina, so i tend to look at cute animal/small child like characters more than cute looking female characters that i feel i would find attractive. As I KNOW I wouldn't crush on little kids or animals :p lol, though i still watch pretty cure with my brother XD Also, i like looking at sweet lolita fashion, since it's meant to look 'pretty' in a more 'cute and innocent' way than a 'hot' way. It doesn't give me sensory overload as much due to that :)

    I like nature a lot as a whole too. :3 I had a dream about camping a few days ago, and i like looking at wild animals and flowers and trees a lot when i'm out on walks with my dog. By the way, my dog's name is Simba :D He's a shiba inu and he's 10 years old now. Sometimes i think i have a 'korrina and lucario'-ish bond with him XD

    Anime is interesting....they sure do draw characters to seem more attractive for their ages a lot XD I wouldn't crush on real kids at all, though. That would be awful.

    Also, i hear breath of the wild is a very good game :D This sweet lolita i look up to, princess peachie, like's that game a lot and said it reminded her of the old spyro the dragon games :3 are you a zelda fan overall? I think the games i mostly play tend to be pokemon games, haha. And Super Smash Brothers Melee :p
    Awwww *huggle's you* Sometimes i kind of wish i didn't know how to hear too due to how upset i can get when i hear things i dislike :( I can't deney it.

    I think it looks amazing and i would keep this avatar for you personally :)

    I like some cool pokemon a lot. I really really like Lucario due to it being korrina's signature pokemon. And a lot of other dog like pokemon and kind of fighting types as a whole i've develupted a 'weak spot' for due to my crush on korrina :3 Yeah....sometimes i mostly like something due to a crush. But as you can see my crushes tend to mean the world to me pretty much. :D I look at korrina images everyday and even have a forum for her! I could invite you to it, if you like, but try to keep your posts up beat. I'm a very sensitive person and had to not use the net for years (till i got into korrina) over it.
    Your avatar is really pretty! :3 I tend to like cute/pretty pokemon best^^ Sylveon and Pichu are some of my top favorites :3
    My autism is pretty severe too. But its been getting better this year 'cuz i develupted a crush on a new character from pokemon and its been helping me want to be confident and happy more :)

    If you want to know who, i'll show you her theme from the x and y video games;
    Before this; i was into riku from kingdom hearts (honestly they remind me of each other a bit, but...) and that got me no-where XD; even though it lasted about 4 years O.o kinda. its weird XD

    And you can blame the pokemon anime for starting this crush; they made her a little too cool :P

    OH YEAH and i mentioned who i liked in the last comment xP oh well.
    Oh BTW i'm female too....sorta pretty sensitive about that^^;;; I do not like being mistoken for male at all and well...i have pride in being feminine....(and crushing on korrina too but thats besides the point)

    I also have autism. It'd be nice if we can be friends :)
    Your name is awesome! :3 I can tell by your profile you like your favorite pokemon a lot too. I like my favorite pokemon GIRL a lot! Sadly my name is not related to her lol its just as well :p I look at her a little too much on google images...aha....
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