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  • Aww, I see. Well I wish you lots of luck. I hope it's not too much work for you :< and I hope you're/you'll feel/ing better soon. :) getting sick makes things like 10x harder. ^^;
    PFFT. That's cool. We shall flip tables virtually. xD

    Yeah it is. I was surprised there were people who published a book, and I heard that actually it's really hard to get done too. xD Probably not. LOL well there's a good metaphor. XD Which one is Spaghetti? I have a Volcarona named Spaghetti xDDDD my friend has a Gyarados named Sushi. XD Wow what a coincidence. XDDD Lol xD It just rubs off on you after a while. XD Yeah pretty much. That's why they are awesome. Yeah it would be a bit, I sorta felt bad for him. No no, he doesn't eat them. He just likes to play with them. Jenna likes stuffed squeaky toys and lasers while Mitzi likes rags. XDDD My cat (who's in my sig) likes feathers and the ping pong ball we got for her. XD

    Jellicent....are creepy. XDDD LOL very true...but still. XDDD Maybe a snail? XDD LOL. It's ok, I like bad jokes and puns. XDD Yeah I hope it's set in stone. Last time we talked it seemed like it was, but with blizzards, hurricanes...you never know now. @.@

    Funny thing I didn't even care about becoming Champion in that game. I just wanted to become a Star at PokeStar Studios...xDDD What's funny is I got N's Zoroark, and he makes this glowy shine thing, and then when he became a PokeStar there he no longer does his "N glow" XDDDD he does his movie star glow. My Serperior does that glow as well. X3

    You're welcome! ^.^

    Ooh ok! I'll be happy to check it out. Do you already have it written on here or on a file? Just send it to me or give me a link. X3
    YES WE ARE D8 What do we do? Flip tables?

    Yeah there were tons. xDDD There were also people who have been writing for a long time, and some have already published their first book guess you could call them authors, but they weren't like the guest-speaking authors. XD So I just assumed they were n00bs but yes, people did assume I was a writing major. XD When I told them I was a bio major, they kind of gave me that look like I should be at a Chemistry Conference instead. xD; But they were all very nice though. xD Ah yeah. The Lubber Grasshoppers are very clumsy (they don't have to worry about many predators, they are toxic like a monarch butterfly) and so they don't fly they just sort of walk about. The little guy jumped, and they sort of fall on their side when they land. Happened each time. xD Yes, yes they are. xD they are so funny. I discovered yesterday that Regis (my mini poodle) loves ping pong balls. ._.; xD

    Maybe xDDD I'm scared of the day an octopus decides to cling to my face XDDD I remember that happened in some documentary I watched. The thing would NOT let go of some guy's mask xD Very true....XDD Florida has to use sand for snowmen. XDDDDD That's why we have sand sculptures instead of ice sculptures. xDD They are visiting relatives (more precisely her mother's boyfriend's relatives) and we found out that they wouldn't be too far, so we'll hang no doubt. xD I know my friend loves the cold though, but I remember last year when they were thinking about coming that they said they wanted a change of scenary. XD

    Yes. xDDDD JUST LIKE THAT. XDDDD That's how I felt. I kept wondering who they were talking about I was all "Omg I didn't even become champion to decline it yet..oh wait. Woops xD"

    I thought so! XD I shall save it~ But it's perfect D8

    Sure! Ask away. :)
    AAAAH. That almost sounds like my schedule....almost just without the two exams. @.@

    THEY tORTURE US ALL for fun xD

    Hmm it was interesting. xD I wouldn't exactly call it "fun" but I wouldn't call it "workaholic stuff" either. xDD I liked it, but I did feel awkward at times, just because I wasn't a writing major. XDD Yup I got a picture of it. xD It's a bit blurry, but I'll be sure to show it to you once I upload it. ^.^ I love how those little guys jump. They like stumble over. I imitated it to show my parents and it was hilarious because when I fell over on purpose my dogs thought I got hurt so they came over and licked my face. XD

    XDDD When I'm in the water I do jk...they just kind of do. I let them when I'm looking for them. If they just started climbing up my arm I think I'd scream or something. xDDD No I hate the cold weather. ;-; But I love the snow coz I miss it. XDD I think I left all of my snowgear back in MI...so I don't have anything either. xD Haha maybe I can. xD BUUUT my friend from MI said she's coming down to Florida for Winter Break (even more awesome is the fact she's staying not too far from me), so naturally I'm excited about that. x3

    Yeah the names do. xD I kept getting confused because I named both characters my name, and I had to wonder why do they never point out I have the same name with that one hero. xD

    OMG. THAT PICTURE...is amazing. I lurv it xD 8DD Did you make that? XDDD
    Aww I see...:c Right...I can imagine.

    Procrastination. XDDD It's VERY catchy. XDDDD (I'll do them tomorrow...and the next day.)

    Haha ok. ^^ Yeah I understand. xDDD I talk like that all the time. XDD

    XDDD I'm now officially done with the conference. Never got lost once (thankfully). xDDD I caught a Lubber Grasshopper the other day. xD People wanted to take a picture of it lol. xD
    Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that...:c I send my condolences to you and the faculty...

    Ok that's good. XD Oh sorry, I meant that I have 25 definitions due, and an exam to take on Thurs. I totally worded that wrong, sorry. xD;

    XDDDDDD YES. Do it. XD Billy the Horseshoe crab...me likes. You should get a Kabuto and name it that. XD

    XDDDD LOL. Looks like I called it right~

    Lol it kind of surprised me too. XD Especially since they move all and would drop off of others. He felt like a mangrove crab...xD those things love to climb [mangrove]...I had one climb up my arm when I was on a HS field trip. xD Hehe I might. X3 Just not my bird, unfortunately. I really wanna take Ornithology though... Let's see...the salt marsh was very, very muddy. xD But for the most part you could walk into it without sinking in it, or getting your shoes muddy. There were a lot of little holes because of the fiddlers (fiddlers..fiddlers EVERYWHERE xD) and then in was surrounded by Mangrove Trees. xD Yeah the temperature was hot at that time. I hate this cold weather. D8 Yeah I KNOW. I want to go to Epcot again. xDDD It makes me a little sad I've only been there once. XD

    Lol! Okie dokes. xD Hmm either or I guess. xD What game did you play first last time? XD //I only get one game these days...xD which is why I went for White rather than Black. Ok, well I wanted Reshiram again, AND I love the nature theme in White. x3)

    Lol well as you can tell, I wasn't too terribly tired tonight where I couldn't come on. So hi! I had a good time at the conference. xD Now just 3 more to go too. ._.; what will I do during breaks? I walk around looking at plants and animals (I totally saw a snake) but then people question what I'm doing. xD I probably looked weird...especially since most cases I was trying to catch anoles. xD I might try to walk further this next time. Just as long as I don't get lost. xD;
    Aw really? Tests do that...xD Hope you did well on it! ^^ Yeah it is. Much harder, but I normally can keep track of it, actually it's my environmental science class where I forget the due dates. XD There's so much little stuff I have to turn in...and an exam next week with 25 definitions due. >.>; OH you need to! Please do. xDD Well if you ask me having the shell is cooler because all the organs and stuff would start to smell. xDDD LOL you'll give her a shock >:D but seriously, that's an awesome idea. I'd totally put something under it where I could control it and take it on walks. xDDDD

    XDDDD Looks like Iris's not amused face

    YUP! I have a picture of it, might be hard to see but it's on my finger:

    This little guy was small, but there were some bigger ones. They were cool. I should probably explain, for my environmental class we went of a field trip to Estero Bay, and part of it we went to the salt marsh. XD Fiddlers were walking all over. AW really? Man I love Epcot. Only been their once, but I loved the anime store they had. XDDD OH you should totally switch it up, because in White 2 you get Reshiram, in Black 2 you get Zekrom. XD //I chose White 2..which I immensely love. xDDD //

    OH YEAH! If I don't reply fo the next couple of days you know where I'm at (the writers conference) no idea if I'll be awake enough to get on afterwards. xDDD
    Just finished test. Man, am I exhausted. And a little fuzzy in the head. Yeah I guess not having to physically go to a classroom makes it harder to remember you're even in a class at all. XD When I have really good dreams I want to keep on sleeping to finish them Yeah I really need to show you the pictures when I get home this weekend. I was really surprised when I found it; it's the whole outer shell AND the tail (which is usually too delicate to survive anything). Obviously, the underside is all gone and stuff, but if you look at it from the backside you'd never know it's just a shell. My mom was all like "I know it doesn't have any legs or organs anymore but I still expect that thing to suddenly start moving towards me". To which I replied "Thanks for the idea, mom! :-D "

    My mom's "not amused" face---> -.-

    An alive fiddler crab? I don't have the games yet. One of them's for my birthday and the other's for xmas, but I haven't decided which one I want for which. I'm going home this weekend to get my birthday presents (my parents decided to kindly celebrate my birthday at Epcot....without me.), but i dunno. In Black, my character is a girl and in White my character is a boy and I'm not sure if I want to switch that up for the sequels or not. What do you think?
    Hmm they are ok, but also a pain to remember. I've been doing ok with them I think. XD Lol I never do that. xD I like to be awake more than asleep xDDD jfkhgah OMG OMG that's so cool! PFFFFT OMG that'd be amazing.DO IT XDDD That's hilarious. I love horseshoe crabs, they are so cool. XDD fkjhgka but omg I held a fiddler crab the other day. X333 fjkdlgja I totally should. Did you get BW2? :) I got White 2. XDDDD

    Right, I see. XD So yeah both have their pluses and negatives. xD
    How do you like the virtual classes? They're usually hit or miss for me. I've been known to sleep all day sometimes. I'm so lazy...XD I found a whole freaking horseshoe crab while I was on Captiva. I'm thinking of putting a motor on its underside :D :D :D You can always bring the new Pokemon games with you to the conference so you don't get bored. XD

    It's a toss up. The dorms had more solid of a wall and there's this terrible smell in the apartment that appears sometimes for no reason. But my room's bigger and stuff so...I dunno. :/
    No. XDDD Out Monday, Wed., Fri. But that's because I have two virtual classes. xD I can't sleep all day. Seriously, I have to get up or else I get mad at myself. I got a lot of my homework done early due to the conference, so I'll probably ride my bike/do something to relieve stress. XD IT SHOULD BE. I could look for shells during break. xD Yeah it is...fjakhgafgha *dies*

    :D Haha I see. XD Do you like staying in the apartment better, or the dorms better?
    ...Have I lost track of time to the point where it's really Friday and not Wednesday then? lol XD Yeah, and you can sleep all day if you wanted. I'd be jealous of that too, if I wasn't too tired. XD Methinks the writing conference should be held on the beach. I should hope! That's more like going to High School again and staying after schools out for five hours.

    It is, and it's certainly helping me remember a lot of the stuff. I just need to stop getting up and making some excuse to walk around the apartment (I'm no longer in the dorms) instead of studying.
    XDDD I don't have school on Friday's or Monday's but no, it's more stressful than it sounds. I still have stuff to do it's not like a break in the slightest, the only plus is I'm less tired because school exhausts me. XD Yeah 12 hours...I think I'll collapse on a beach. All I know is that the teacher wrote (it's a virtual class) and said with all of these hours added up, it'd be like going to class if not more. ._.;

    Oh that seems nice, and it's always good to love a class. XD Yeah I can see how that'd help. XD Pfft. xD
    I'm admittedly slightly jealous of your lack of school. -.- Writer's conference, huh? It does sound boring to stay in one place for 12 hours *flails*. I don't think i could do that, even if it were about writing. O-O

    Thanks, I hope it goes well. Social Psychology. I love it; it's all about what people usually do in specific situations. Great stuff to improve my characters, I think. Probably because of all the jokes I make. A few of them are way too serious.
    K I'm back. I'm lucky as in I don't have school today. XDD; But I'm going to Sanibel Writers Conference Thurs-Sunday for Writing Theory and Practice. It seems fun, but I'm not looking forward to staying there 8am-8pm. XD I'm going to be so dead by the next week.

    Good luck on your exam today! What class is it for? I swear teachers want to kill you. XD
    Maybe, maybe....XDDD *hides Diamond version down there* YUP. THERE'S A DIAMOND. //shot//

    Right, that too. Most of the stuff I bring back and forth are clothes. Other than that I only bring like a folder for drawings, art supplies, my laptop, and some electronics. XD So finding where to put them is not a major problem. Though I'm always a bit scared to move things around due to roaches. >.<;;;

    I can't imagine anyone enjoying misery either. It's terrible. D= Oh you'll be happy to hear that I'm much better now. ^^ I really don't hurt anywhere right now...and if I do a bit I think it's from carrying around my slightly heavy backpack. XD No I didn't see a doctor....but I'm pretty sure I'm fine. If it comes back again I probably should because that'd mean I'm having a relapse or something.

    XDDDDDDD For once the missing apple wasn't Emolga's fault. XDDD

    Yes you need to. X3 That moment was insanely adorable. XDD. YES. A CROSSDRESSING DRAYDEN WOULD BE PERFECT.

    IKR? I wanna know what each of them are saying. I guess I can figure some out...but I want the exact words. XDD Dento makes many more faces than many of the characters on that anime. The funny thing is in his official charts of facial expressions he's always smiling. XDD

    XDDD LOL that's funny. Of course, there goes Corn trollin'. XDDD

    Hehe it would be. I was al lready to take the picture with my phone and the silly thing is camera shy. XD I have to wait until I get home and the sun is right for me to take it. I guess if worse comes to worse I can always use my camera but I don't know where that thing is atm. My mom uses it and she probably took it up to MI with her. >.>;
    XDDDD Hehe pretty much...not much of a hideaway. =P It looks like a mine shaft....it's actually kind of creepy..but cool. XDDD

    Well I did it now. :p And then the rest tomorrow. XDDD You're still unpacking? xD Meh it's ok..it took me a few days to get done. XD

    Yeah it wasn't...:c I hope so too. I don't think it'll be as bad, but I really hope there aren't any bad floods or anything. :<

    Interesting, I hate it too. XD I have been, I try to stay away from taking too much of it. I'm getting better now, but if I sit for too I do go through some pain. I must not have had the flu before, I had no idea your body actually hurt when you got it. ^^;

    Omg yes! xDDDD Hehe Iris, distractions ftw. <3 The worst part is that it was intentional. D'aaaw Iris knows how to make Dento stumble while he's cooking. XDDD Well she did make him pull a Tamaki...a CONFIRMED one that is. XD

    Btw here's a fun art dump. Some pictures are old, but it has a little bit of everything awesome. Some Wishful, some of the Subway twins, some of the Sanyou brothers. Check it out if you want to. XD

    I WISH! D= I think I still have those plastic Poke Balls with the gold cards somewhere...if I could fill it up with water would it work? jk jk xDDD
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