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  • I'm actually not happy being a guy sometimes... As I've got this condition that messed up my brain, especially when it comes to being social.

    The other thing is, that condition mostly affects men. So, in a way, I sometimes wish I was a girl, just to see what my life would be like without this condition...
    You're telling me that you don't trust anyone to drive you to where you need to go?? Well, I always trust my mom, as she very rarely gets into any accidents, even though she's a bit of a lead-foot.

    Still, in spite of the fact that she has kept pressuring me to learn how to drive, I kept refusing, as for the most part, I'll end up submitting at least half of the control over to the other drivers & peds out there, & some of them do some crazy things, like bob & weave through traffic or go blazing through at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Not to mention that my mind is still poisoned by all of those assemblies over at my High School that displays the motor vehicle accidents that some of the other students were in.
    I suppose so... they're less likely to do something stupid than other people, not to mention that they don't talk ceaselessly.

    *sigh* Still, the only reason why I'm over there is because I can't drive myself to work - I have to rely on my mom to get me to & from work, & I have to stay over there in between my two shifts.
    I did... & it turns out that she's drawn to me because I'm always the quiet type of person. She's really curious about me, & since I hardly ever speak, she's always coming towards me, even going so far as to ignore her own parents. I alos believe that it'll only get worse once she starts talking by herself, as she'll always be asking me, "what'cha doing, uncle?"

    *groans* I can't $%&#ing believe that my silence is being used against me!!
    Well, my parents have three cars, one for each of us, but I'm the only one that doesn't have a driver's license...

    & another thing, I "think" I know why my little niece is always after me.
    Hmm... Does your husband have a cell phone on him? Both my sister & her husband have one, & they practically rely on them for communication; they don't have a home phone...
    Oh no, my mom never intrudes their place. But somehow, I have a feeling that she's afraid that her husband is going to leave her all of a sudden. Why, I don't really know, but even so, there are times in which he comes visit my parents, sometimes without her knowing about it...
    I also didn't mention that my mom has been helping him with this project at times. Now here's the strangest thing: everytime that he goes to work on the bathroom, his wife would $%#$% about something (what it is, I don't even...) but whenever my mom is here with him, she lets them be.

    Thing is, his wife is a friggin' control freak. As in, she wants him to be at her beck & call every day of the week. I'm surprised that she didn't treat him like he's her sex slave or something like that!
    That's all perfectly understandable, & now that you've mentioned it, my brother-in-law actually ended up expanding their main bathroom so that it had a tub. The problem is that, more often than not, his wife would get in the way of his project.

    Seeing that she was the one that wanted the bathroom expanded, I find the irony here kills me...
    Nah, it's okay, I've moved on.

    But anyhow, how come you'd like having a bath-tub inside your bathroom??
    Oh, that can be a rather sensitive thing to talk about; all of my grandparents are dead to the extent of my knowledge...

    My grandmother passed around a few years ago inside a nursing home, & my grandfather actually suicided on June of 2000.
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