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  • It's most likely have something to do with this $%&#ing Global Warming stuff that we keep hearing.

    Anyhow, is it generally cooler where you're living at right now?
    You'd rather just sit in a secluded, dark corner, hmm?

    Well, anyhow, my area is starting to heat up greatly, almost to the point in which I feel that there is no such thing as Spring anymore - it goes from Winter straight into Summer... or at least that's what it feels like for me, as I'm overly sensitive towards this sort of thing...
    Still, you should try to get yourself more active, as not only will you be able to shed some more of that baby fat, you'll also become a better role model for your children.

    Of course, that's also coming from someone who seldom goes outside as well. I'd like to get to a gym, but I don't friggin' have a Driver's License...
    Well, sure, that stuff only matters if you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area. Since you don't live in such a place, that's less of an issue.

    Still, were you able to shed off all the fat that came with your first pregnancy? How?
    Even so, in either of your pregnancies, did you ever thought that you looked like a friggin' hippo or something??
    Well, anyhow, how is your pregnancy going so far? Shouldn't you be in your third trimester by now??
    That's most likely one of the best explanations why people live inside of a car that I've ever heard of.

    & speaking of which, are you looking for a bigger-sized home??
    Yeah, some people don't realize how much more food they can afford if they buy it fresh from the supermarket rather than having to rely on restaurants.

    Even so, there are people that literally live & sleep inside their own cars. I can't imagine anyone doing that...!
    It's that more often than not, at least half the people around this country don't know how to cook. They either have trouble with the "Hurry up & wait" process that comes with cooking, more often than not, & thus they choose instant meals & fast food.

    Thus, if one were to bring out plates of food made entirely from scratch, & of half of the diners hadn't encountered a home-cooked meal like that, they'll most likely go ape%$*# once they get their first bite. Which will start a vicious cycle of them going, "OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!" endlessly. Get where I'm going with this??
    Well, every-damn-thing is best when it just came out of the oven.

    I was talking about cookie recipes... but even so, mom has got herself a wide array of meals that she can cook up by herself, & some people claim that good food makes good people... go bad! Dunno if that's entirely true, though...
    That's it? That was rather underwhelming...

    Anyhow, what other recipes do you have? Or do you have too many to count??
    Well, the fact that the tea is too damn hot for me to drink isn't that big of an issue for me. The real issue I have with the Volcano Drink is that more often than not, a measly cup of hot tea just won't cut it for me, especially if my dinner is a pretty sizeable one, & I end up getting something else to drink.
    The same goes with me as well - most of the time, I have other drinks, mostly for dinner. For winter & those times in which it's cold, I have hot tea, A.K.A. the "volcano drink," & for the other times, I can either have powdered juice, or my mom makes us some iced tea, which I'll drink up anytime!
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