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    But then, keep in mind, there comes a time where you don't fall in Nintendo's Pokemon demographic, and their number one goal is to make money off of small children. Losing one adult to rope in fifty kids won't hurt them any.
    Throughout all the trolls in in B/W endgame thread I come across this gem of a quote. I lol'd when I read it, but its so so true xD

    Anyone who actually misses me { XD } will notice I'm missing--I'm on hiatus from Serebii for a little! Sorry! ^^
    *laughs* The 5th gen discussion threads in the main forum stole our clientele!

    A fan art thread would be nice. What else could we do to revive the group?
    It's been quiet in the 5th gen group since the big threads in the main forums have gone up... should we activate them again?
    Hehe Thank you! It's good to be back!

    You're one of the few I missed. :)

    I'm still lovin the bear trio, btw. :p
    lol You did a little more than that. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.
    OMG! WOW! (O.O)

    Those are awesome! You are truly amazing! ^.^

    Great job!


    edit: I especially like Kungice. He looks so badass. The other two look great, too.
    Hello. Thank you for voting for me for best new person in the SPPf Member Survey.

    Thank you.

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