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    July 16: Movie 19-Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna (Sep 2: Playback the XY&Z 15)

    Magiana looks like a Steel/Fairy type and that it's features has a lot of elements of a Pokéball. Here's a theory, Magiana looks like it could transform to a Pokéball. We all know that Team Flare has this Pokéball factory in Kalos. Coincidence? Similar to how Volvanion could ve related to the...
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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    I have the following 5IV Pokemon for trade. Looking for 5IV HA starters or other 5IV Pokemon. Just PM for offers. Thanks! 1) Togepi (M) | Calm | Hustle 31-X-31-31-31-31 Moves: Growl, Charm 2) Torchic (M) | Jolly | Blaze 31-31-31-X-31-31 Moves: Scratch, Growl 3) Buneary (M) | Jolly |...
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    BW Team Rocket Discussion

    Hi everyone. I saw this in pocketmonsters.net and I just want to confirm it. They listed the two TP vs TR episodes to show in September 2011. It was marked as 2011-09-?? http://www.pocketmonsters.net/ Can anyone confirm if this is true? Thanks.
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    BW012 - The Yabukaron Squad & The Secret Base

    I think the plot of the episode will go something like this: There's this gang of Yabakuron who were abandoned by their trainers and now they're causing trouble in town and in the day care center. Then Ash and co arrives and the Yabakuron steals his hat. The group then looks for the Yabakuron...
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    Next Pokemon Thread IV: A New Hope (Use for capture/release/evolution speculation!)

    I think the reason why Chaoboo wasn't show together with Futachimaru and Janovy is because Ash's Pokabu will evolve into one. It could be used to win against Aloe's gym which is a Normal type gym.
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    The new Pokedex looks very much like a Zune. :P And I also noticed Gears can have 3 faces if you rotate it. Kinda cool. :D
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    Pocket Monsters; Phantom Champion Zoroark (幻影の覇者ゾロアーク) Speculation Thread

    It seems like the legendary beasts are cornered and the other Pokemon are posed to attack like Abomasnow, Nidoking and Rhyperior.
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    The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! (634)

    I was kind of wanting Torterra to learn Wood Hammer which is a very strong physical move. I'm imagining it to be something like Yamato's wood jutsu (from Naruto). Perhaps the next time Ash meets Volkner in a gym battle he'll have new Pokemon like Electivire? Or if not then Ash and co might meet...
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    Pocket Monsters; Phantom Champion Zoroark (幻影の覇者ゾロアーク) Speculation Thread

    After watching the new trailer here's a speculation I've come up with. In the first scene we see Zorua watching Celebi time travel and then the scene shifts to the city where the three beasts are wreaking havoc. What if Zorua and Zoroark are just one Pokemon? Zorua is the young Zoroark who...
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    Single Animé Questions **READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD**

    I recently watched again the first season of Pokemon and in the episode where Ash arrives at Pewter City he talks with Flint (Brock's father) about Brock's Family. Flint said that his good for nothing father abandoned his family and that his mother has long since passed away. However, we all...
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    Merry Christmas from all at Serebii.net

    It's Christmas here already in the Philippines! Have a blessed Christmas and wondrous new year to all! Stay happy!! :D
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    I'm still here. :)

    I'm still here. :)
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    Are you available now? :)

    Are you available now? :)
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    We should really set up a time when we're both available.

    We should really set up a time when we're both available.
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    Um I missed you again. :(

    Um I missed you again. :(