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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Hi Andy,
    Haha at the reward! Well it seems like great fun! I've been trying to reply to your message for ages, it's just taking really long to load, opening up your profile took like 10 minutes :/
    So I was playing Silver before and I got 5 of those shiny leafs and got the crown, it's pretty sweet :D
    So whats up?
    I'm glad you said (For now) ;)
    The contest is run by you? Wow that's pretty impressive..
    What would the grand prize be :eek:
    A contest ey?
    Good luck my friend :)
    Most of my close friends don't like pokemon anymore, so I can't really play it with anyone :/
    I went to a contest back in '07, it was good fun and they had so many prizes to give out, it was a great atmosphere! It's nice to see pokemon adored my many :p
    Hey if you have an msn, would be great if you added me :D
    Well, take care Andy!
    hey. for some reason i cant send a private message. but i was wondering if u can trade a any level squirtle to me.
    Just on what I said, thanks again for trading me those pokemon back in '08 I think it was lol or '09 :)
    That was the first Cyndaquil/Totodile/Chikorita I'd gotten since 2001 back in the originals,
    Seeya :)
    Wow Andy, it's been so long, I still remember the pokemon you traded me and how long it took because we kept disconnecting :)
    I am currently on 13 Badges, should get 16 today, how are you going?
    Have a great day and night!
    new to the forums and the whole pokemon trading over wifi.

    that said would like a Cyndaquil - any Cyndaquil would be much appreciated
    Andy Sorry
    I got your first PM
    But like you My Serebii is incredibly slow:(
    I tried to Reply to your message it didnt load.
    And at this time I can Only Post VM.
    When I can Ill Reply:)
    Kind Regards
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