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Recent content by ac333

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    Back online. Waiting for you in WiFi Club

    Back online. Waiting for you in WiFi Club
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    Of all the days for my Wi-Fi to be tripping out. :S I'll be on just hang on!

    Of all the days for my Wi-Fi to be tripping out. :S I'll be on just hang on!
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    #037 Vulpix / #038 Ninetales

    Looking for a female Drought Vulpix. Don't care about the nature, just as long as it's female so I can breed it~ I have a shiny Cottonee if anybody is interested in a trade! PM me EDIT: Nevermind, the trade's been done!
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    #546 Cotonee / #547 Whimiscott

    I have a shiny Hardy Cottonee. Untrained too. Not really sure what I want for it. PM me with offers EDIT: Nevermind it has already been traded.
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    #531 Audino

    Trying to find an Audino NOT from an English cartridge. PM me if you own one and what you'd want in return for it~
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    My Doubles Team

    My suggestions are in bold. Also, Haxorusfan, since this is for VGC he/she can only have one Leftovers on the team. You know that you can bring six pokemon and then just choose four each battle right? Expand on your team some more!
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    G5 VGC Team

    In my personal opinion, i would shy away from Excadrill. It's kinda frail, especially with pokemon like Conkeldurr, Jellicent, and Chandelure all being common serious threats. Plus, it's only good in Sandstorm, which needs to be set up. That one wasted turn will more than likely be its downfall...
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    Total Trickery - Part II (VGC)

    That was a mistake on my part. I was using my old Chandelure info as a template and I forgot to change the ability! xD I had a couple other ideas instead of Ferrothorn (Who HAS to hold Leftovers so Jellicent can't have it), but I'll only get into that if people have enough concerns with it. :/
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    My team version 1.1

    Another thing about held-item choice: Why does Heracross hold a Silk Scarf? That item boosts only Normal-Type attacks and yet your Heracross knows no Normal-Type moves whatsoever (Except for Sub, which doesn't do damage...) I'd go for a Flame Orb to activate Guts Also unless you wanna try...
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    Total Trickery - Part II (VGC)

    Wow talk about a mental lapse on my part! xD; It also increases Defense, so that's a plus too. I don't know how I forgot about that since Curse was on my in-game Ferro...
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    Total Trickery - Part II (VGC)

    Okay, so after some criticism and comments from both Serebii users and friends, I’ve decided to play around with my Total Trickery Team. Mostly I’m making sure I can do everything I intended to have accomplished with this team, but changed around some members to better face off against certain...
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    someone's 1st Gen V team

    Game mechanics have changed. In previous gens, Mean Look was able to be Baton Passed, but now the lock is lifted when you switch, Baton Pass or not :C
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    "Pitter Patter" -- Quote from "Rain"

    Funny how I've been telling my friends over and over again "Drizzle and Swift Swim are banned together" and yet I completely overlooked that here. :L Sorry, but Ominous Fire is right, finding somebody to challenge will be difficult since it's pretty overpowered :/
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    "Pitter Patter" -- Quote from "Rain"

    Quagsire has higher defense and slightly higher attack, but has lower Sp. Def and Speed. Storm Drain is apparently the better ability too, so it might be best to go with it instead. Either way, just be prepared for Ferrothorn, since it'll pretty much shut them down :/
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    "Pitter Patter" -- Quote from "Rain"

    My Quagsire took down a Gyarados and a Blissey by itself last Gen :p I think he has an Impish Nature... and I think it was HP and Defense EV focused (I have to check) Held Leftovers Ability - Storm Drain Moves: Waterfall Ice Punch (Took down some things, but was rarely used) Earthquake...