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  • I totally didn't reply to you either. XP Sorry, I get bad at replying periodically. I was scrolling through my VMs and I found a couple that I couldn't remember ever replying too. :O

    Anyways, I'm glad you liked the pictures! I like the new name, hahaha.

    And as for your other teams, if we ever find ourselves without a backlog, I'll be sure to let you know! Thanks so much!
    Felt I should let you know. We go into recording tomorrow and we are doing your team for episode 18! I know, long time in the making, but we somehow got a back list of teams lol.
    ha ha, I get you. Some of the segments also don't go over as well as others for some people. Myself, I enjoy the battle subway and the random encounter. The other segments admittedly are hit and miss for me. But others love the other segments and dislike battle subway and random encounter xD
    ha ha! someone's been listening recently! I do hope you enjoyed the podcast. I certainly imagine the others share that same thought.
    I do understand the level of frustration. But pride of accomplishment is something within someone. Pride of ownership has it's external factors, but knowing it was your idea first is something to feel good for. Besides, it's going to be read over a podcast as YOUR team. Does this person have a podcast giving HIM credit? xD just something to make you feel better.
    We haven't done it yet. We do plan on it next week (episode 18). We are more than happy to help, even if not over the podcast. striatonradio@hotmail.com and just have them forward it to Omen. We've actually been getting a few people e-mailing wanting our opinions. It's always a pleasure! The fact someone is stealing your team is sad but flattering too. Must be having some good success if someone feels it's worth stealing in the first place :)
    We certainly know where to go if we want some individuality. I understand the whole work thing. I'm laid off right now, but when I do work, I'm pretty busy.

    It is funny though, we are actually starting to get a bit of a backlog with team requests now. If you have a team you'd like us to do in the future, you can always send me a PM with the team and I'll run it by everyone and see if we can add it to the list :)

    If I may, it has been a great pleasure talking with you the last couple of days!
    We've done the math, and your team should be aired on episode 17 :)

    Since we are trying to do an episode a week, it will be a little bit before we do the whole review. That also means there's lots of time to tinker with the team and change things up if you want :)

    Thank you again, it'll be a joy to review your team on Striaton :)
    It's more so a team rate over a podcast episode. I've only recently started on the podcast myself. StriatonRadio Podcast if you want to get an idea of what goes on. We give credit to the creator of the team. Naturally we get permission since some people prefer not to broadcast teams for events like VGC (surprise factor and all) there is a striaton webpage too if you are interested in all that. I think Nachoe mentions all that kind of stuff at the end of the episodes.
    NACHOE and I were talking it over, and we would love for the chance to feature your Lost Heroes priority team on the StriatonRadio podcast. We both like that you try to have an individual approach to the norm. Of course, it won't be a "right this instant" podcast situation. Likely on Episode 16 or 17 (currently we've already finished 14). The call is yours :)
    O can tell from your "rate my team" posts you're a good battler. If you ever want to move into a clan, we'd be happy to accept you. I need to battle you on PO sometime, too. I'd like to see your team in action against my largely successful teams.
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