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  • Guess what?!?! My dad got a Liver Transplant Sunday night/Monday Morning!!?!?! He was on the list for just 32 day!!! That's a record in the states! We we're blowen out of the water but this. I still can't beleive it. Its a miricle.
    I've been busy too. Things are going bad to worst for my dad. He's very sick. He has a MELD score of 38, and thats bad. We're waiting for a Liver Transplant. Any day now we'll get the call. Its just a waiting game now. I beat Platnium, and I'm training a new Pokemon, soon he'll be an Arcenine (Sweet) He's a beast, but he's still a Greenhorn to big battles.
    Something must have happened. But we may never know. Someone else died too, Billy Mays. I don't know if he's famous over in England, but he was big here. They're dropping like flys. Thriller was a good one, I like Scream. He will be missed.
    OMG its madness here. I mean it was bound to happen anyway, but not at 50. Its all over the news, his song are on the radio all the time now. I think something is fishy about how he died. These things happen in three's. First Ed MacMan, the Farra Fawset, and now Michael Jackson. Its a shame.
    I know. Jotho was my all time fav,you can beat the Jotho leage, and them go over to Kanto and beat them too. I hope that one day, they'll make a Pokemon game that has all the reagons, Kanto Jotho Hoenn and Sinnoa. It waould be sweet.
    Oh LOL. The place that I work, they all know I'm a Pokemon freak. They won't be surprised XD. The new pic look nice, I can't wait to get back to Jotho
    OMG?!?!?!? I'm sooooo freaken behind?!?!?! But not for long, I'm back at Platnium. Oh, did you see the new stuff about HG, SS? I think its cool the the Pokemon can follow you around. Plus that PokeWalker is an awesome idea. I'd take it to work and be training at the same time.
    WOW level 50!?!?!? Dang, my highes is 43. XD. Sounds like a good team. I'm about to hit Mt. Coronet, I love this part. If been sucked into Rythm Heaven, I', getting back to Pokemon XD.
    Ah you want a Milotic huh? Ok, I'll help :). I did a trial and error on making Poffens, I tried making some with random berries. Thats the best thing you can do if you don't like or if these berries don't work. The one berrie that work great was the Pamtre, it has a high Dry/Sweet, mostly Dry. Another good Dry on is the Wiki. Make a really great Wiki, like a 32, and give it to the Feebass, then go from there and start making Pamtre Poffens. Also, there's this one berrie that has a really really high Dry, thats the Micle. Never tried that one, cus the other two did the trick. When its at max beauty, level it up once. If it evolves, them Yay. Oh don't save, make all the Poffen's you think you'll need, then start giving them to the Feebass you want. If it doesn't work, you can restart. Hope that helps Bud :)
    I know the feeling. It took me a long time to find the Right female Snorunt. I got her, now I just have to train her, along with my Milotic. I have six bages, I'm at Snowpoint City right now.
    XD I agree about Bulbasaur. Its ugly when it evolves. Charizard is a great one, I also think Blazekin it a great one too. Did you get Platnium yet??? I'm still looking for a Snorunt, I'm picky. I want one with a Sassy Danmit.
    Ow man. I love Turtwig. The're so cute. Piplup is just annoying and something about a monkey with a flame on its butt just bothers me XD. But that's my veiw, you have a right to like what you like. My fav Fire starter is Charmander/Torchic. Todidle is my fav water starter and I like all Grass starter. How about you?
    Oh you're going to love Platnium. I just got the last member of my team, a Snornot female. Soon she will be a Froslass. Its taking a while to raise my Milotic, but she's geting there. Which of the starters are you going to pick?
    LOL. I have to say thats true about us Americans. Alot of us say awesome. We have an acsent? o_O Thats a good one, Laughin. I may use that now Wahahahaaaaaahaha. Have you seen the new pics of HG and SS? Wow, I can't wait.
    That would be so freaken cool. Or as you say brillient. Or Meganium that would be cool. I think they will still follow you around though. We'd have to wait and see. And omg I just realize I'm older then you XD
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