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  • I was going to do that to, but I like the thrill of the hunt XD. I have a way to get Wild Feebas. Map out the lake, and each move you make, fish. Its hard, but sooner or later, you'll fine the pod of Feebas. I finally found them in Platnium, to about two day. Now I just need the berrys. I think the reason why I have a soft spot for Grass starters goes back to my first Pokemon game. It was either Blueor Red, but my very first Pokemon was a Bulbasaur. Those were the days. Hey have you seen the new pics of Heat Gold and Soul Silver? The starter pokemon follows you like in Yellow. Sweet XD
    I know!?!?! I'm sooooo freaken Excited about the remake of Heat Gold and Soul Silver. I've waited ten years for this. Its long over due. I wonder if they'll remake Crystal too, (I think they named it after me XD) I loved Johto, it was the first game where a girl can be a girl in game. I would get both, so in one of them I'd pick Chikarita. (Soft spot for Grass starters) Its a toss up for the other one's. Oh my Platnium team is a Toterra, a Noctowl, a bread RaiChu, and Houndoom, and I still need to get my Milotic and Froslass. The Feebass is takeing a while to find.
    Oh yeah its good. So many new Pokemon has been added to Sinnoh, and plus the Battle Fronteir is back. I love it when it came out in Emrealed. It was awesome?!?!?! LOL You're going to love it.
    Good to here from you. Everything is ok now. My dad's out of the hospital, and doing fine. Things are alittle rock on Platnuim, My dad restarted my game by mistake, so I had to restart everything.
    Hey Brad, sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been having a family emergances. My father is in the hospital, but he's ok. Long week :). So how are you? How are things in England?
    I know liverpool, my grandma was from england. =) I still haven't found a spot to us Wi-Fi yet, (Its hard to find it in my little town XD) I just got Platnuim and in knee deep into that right now. Did you get it?
    Oh cool. This is my Friend Code 5284-6824-2365. I know of a couple of places near me, so when ever you want to trade, just let me know. I'm in California, where are you?
    Really?!?!? Oh that would be soo sweet?!? What would you want in return for them? I finally have a friend code for myself, just let me know if you really want to trade, what you want in trade, and what day so I can go to where their's local WiFi near me lol. This would be freaken sweeeeeeeeeeeet =)
    Oh that sucks. Poor little lost pokemon. Maybe someone will take it and love it. I was looking for the Johto starters, but I didn't have them in my Pokedex, so I couldn't look for them.
    I just barly got on WiFi Last time saturady. I traded a bulbasaure for a bulbasaure in Japan, and I traded a Froslass for a Charmander from Mexico!! LOL. I thought I heard the charmander dancing to mexican music XD.
    I'm the same way. I love Pokemon, but I play other game's too. My parents thought it was weird that I'm playing a game meant for kids, they say I'm addicted. I tell them that its better that I'm hocked on Pokemon then some other harmfull stuff XD.
    LOL Yeah I got Shaymin form a event. My boyfriend took me to get it. He knew I love playing pokemon, so he took me to get it. There wasn't any kids, but a few months ago I got a Deoxis, and there were kids. They were all like "Whoa, and old lady like you play's pokemon?! Cool!!! Trade with me! Trade!!!" I'm 24, and they said I was old (Ouch).
    I only got two I admit XD. The Battle Dome was my fav, with the Battle Dojo a close second :) I've been playing from first gen to fourth gen, and I can't wait for Platinum. I got Shaymin just this last Sunday. Its cute.
    I loved the second gen gameboy ones. I loved Crystal. It was the first one with a female character. (Plus is the same name as me XD) Plus you could go to kanto after the johto league and take on the kanto leage. The new Plaitnum is going to be very good, with the return of the Battle Frontear! Woohoo XD I loved that Battle Dome.
    Hi, I'm the owner of Pokemon U.K. and Purple Mew has kindly added the monthly update onto the Pokemon UK group, please comment and discuss!
    Same here. I feel old with all these young trainers XD. So, you've played all four generations? Nice, same here. I've only played the gameboy games. Never got into the gamecube. Loved the second gen.
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