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  • As you can probably tell ive been really busy myself. But I did manage to get a copy of Heart Gold how and im now playing through that about you? Well if your west coast USA that means your 8 hours behind me here in the UK, If your free sometime this week or next week let me know and we can sort out a battle or trade. I think ill give you all 3 of my FC's. My FC for Platinum is 1162 1388 8508, my FC for Diamond is 4941 7107 2403 and my newest FC of Heart Gold is 2193 0086 2029.
    Hey Crystal, long time no speak. How are you?
    I have finally been able to log on Mintendo Wi-Fi with my DS so I can now trade and battle.
    So maybe we can arrange a time to battle?
    Also if you still want the three Johto starters let me know and I'll trade you them.
    No im not reading Nintendo, I think if they were to make a game with all regions then once you had completed one region your pokemon should not be allowed to be used in another until you have concered that league otherwise you would sweep the floor with every trainer. I think a 5th gen will eventually come out but I dont know how many more gens they can keep on making, cos they're bound to run out of ideas eventually.
    I was just looking at one of the forums discussing 5th gen possibilities, and was wondering if you think there will be a 5th gen? I would like there to be one but dnt expect to see one soon.
    I'm definately getting the game for christmas now as I can't get it any sooner due to a work overload and paying loads for ps3 games, they are really expensive. Have you noticed them little pictures on the top right corner of this page, yours has prof oak bulbasaur and charmander? I really want to get some of the higher up ones so im posting in the forums like mad to get my posts up lol.
    Nothin much really just been bombarded with work for uni, so much coursework! How about you? Ive only just realised but I havent played on one of my pokemon games since June lol.
    Are you on about the video game championships? Cos if u are I think it will probably be like the 2009 ones were they have several competitions across your country and then u compete against people from all over the world to become the world champion. Its normally held over the summer and information on it is posted on the official pokemon site I think, well it was for the 2009 championships. I was tempted to go to the 2009 tryouts cos one of the venues was in liverpool which I was shocked about because in the UK normally anything like this is held in London, which can be annoying for people who live up north.
    I can't pre-order it over here yet but will when I am able to. Its funny I was just looking in one of the forums where ppl show pictures of themselves n it made me feel really oldbecause most of the ppl on here are kids haha. Not that I care.
    Well If I get it ill defo go as Riolu, so that I can evolve into a Lucario :) Think I best get the time or space mystery dungeon game then.
    Well I first had the red rescue team game on the game boy advance sp n opted to go charmander as he is my fav starter. When I got blu recue team for my DS i went as squirtle. I'v still to get the other games as I didnt know if they'd be any good.
    Oh so u play on the dungeon games? I got the blue rescue team game bt haven't played on any others. The 3-D ones look good, ill have to get 1 of em on the Wii.
    Spring 2010? That's way off, and to think it will be released in the upcoming months in Japan. I just thought that you'll get in the U.S. before me aswell, it's so not fair lol.
    If I remember correctly, California is 8 hours behind the UK, its quite mad that as I write this its nearly 3 in the afternoon, n in California it will be 7 in the morning haha! I just wish the Nintendo DS had some device so that it could connect to WiFi with a wire instead of being wireless. As my Wii n PS3 both work on the internet wired but not wireless :(
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