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  • I was thinking that we could do a Megaman ZX x Gijinka RP sometime in the future. A friend of mine and I are currently working on a Pokemorph RP, so maybe we could do this sometime in the spring?
    Hey, just letting you know that I will be holding back from RPG for now. Sorry about this, but I'm in the middle of my first college finals, then I head back home to the house where technology developed after 1960 is banned, so I probably won't be seeing the internet till January. I think it might be a good idea to put the story on hold since it's been a while since anyone posted, but then again I have no idea the average time between posts in an RPG. Just thought it would be a good idea to give you a heads up.
    I had an idea that maybe, instead of fusing with a Pokémon (which is more reminiscent of what some people would call a Pokémorph), your Gijinka character Jasper could have undergone some sort of genetic modification via some kind of ritual (as with the old man in the cave; also I don't recognize what the changing in the scenery as he became a Gijinka was supposed to signify), or a plasmid, or a type of mutagen, such that he can now take on the form of a Tyrantrum hybrid as he chooses.
    If it's alright with you, I'm going to create a discussion thread for the Gijinka Project... also, I've been waiting for you to PM me the ideas. Thanks.
    Matoro informed me that he had a few ideas to contribute to the plot; also, if you have any ideas you'd like to use to expand the plot and/or improve upon it, you can always PM me about it.
    Sorry if I'm causing any delay with the Gijinka rp, just busy with university more than I thought I'd be, but I'll be able to get to it tomorrow hopefully
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