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  • I know, but the harsh thing about it is that half the people here don't see Pokemon as mere data. They (like me) worked to collect that data, some of which is extremely hard to get in some cases.

    If someone says that they'll trade their rare thing for yours and theirs turns out to be counterfeited, it's pretty much theft around these parts if it's not resolved quickly. Having this happen to someone on a scale as bad as mine has been isn't pleasant at all.

    Yes, people know I was ripped off in the rear end in that manner by that person (DragonMaster26), but it's my responsibility to make sure that I didn't end up ripping them off because I traded them fakes for the "real" thing, if you get my meaning.

    Yes, it isn't worth squat outside the game, but it takes work to build up any collection, and it's pretty horrible to have someone rip you off and "pawn" your stuff for something else in a sense. If you even look like you ripped someone off, people will hate you to death for it and you'll get banned from here for it because of theft of a person's Pokemon, or "data" as you referred said Pokemon to.
    -_- I'll only say this once. The PM convo was a result of my stupidity and that particular issue is already over with, so please don't simply come on and tell me to take a chill pill over it when it's already been laid to rest. Geez...

    As for the matter of grinding down someone to powder, if someone went up to you and stole a lot of stuff you worked hard to get, wouldn't YOU grind them into powder if you saw them? That's what he did to me along with lots of people--and lied like no tomorrow in the process. To be honest, I'm glad that guy got banned from this place. (And I don't really care if it's only over Pokemon, nobody likes a scammer and a liar, right?)

    So I'm already pretty calm, so there's no need to jump all over me like that, okay?
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