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  • (I think Fifa would be a sports game xD) I want to write fantasy, and I'm starting with a steampunk fantasy, since those are so rare (basically elves/dwarves/etc. in a steampunk environment...not done by a videogame since Arcanum back in 2001-ish, most recent thing is a table-top game...not sure about novels). I LOVE RPG games. I'm actually waiting on Dragon Age: Inquisition to come out. Haven't played the first two in the series (working on getting the first to work on my PC right now though), but it looks like my kind of game. Also been playing Skyrim. But I would love to see a game like that with steampunk elements...so perhaps one day I'll get a good enough script to take to a respectable company to make it happen.
    I'm not sure the specific times; I'm on and off the whole afternoon/evening my time. Gonna have to just check the xat.
    Here ya go. Not sure why someone removed some of the unlock conditions. Doc requires beating Classic with Mario, not 100% sure on the others. I wouldn't worry, most people are unlocking the entire roster within a day, so you'll have time to unlock and practice. If you need it, I can give an extension. I have the bracket set up, and the "mysterious 12th contestant" (which will now be you) will be against Leaf, and I can imagine he'll understand if you need more time.
    Both the eShop and physical versions can access WiFi, and thanks to the game's early release in Japan, we know the servers aren't too bad. A bit of lag at times, but it's overall good. As for how it'll work, we'll just all exchange FC's then go into WiFi With Friends. The rules are posted in the second post of the tourney thread.
    Dammit. I don't suppose saying the first round will have a week-long time limit would work to change your mind? If not, that's fine, of course, but I figured I'd point that out.
    I didn't realize you were also into the Smash hype. You wanna take the 12th spot in the TEF tourney? It starts on the 17th so you'll have time to get ready xD
    well update i got my last elite 4 member cosmic beat you to the punch :/ but i do need wifi backs ups for the elite four or i can give you a back up gym leader type just in case one of the leaders are busy or inactive...
    it will be wifi but I can put you down as PS but ill have someone to back you up if someone only has wifi and the ratio will be 3:3 for leaders as well as you must have 3 darks and 3 of your choice if you want dark gym leader

    edit: alright i got left is one more elite 4 member i got my 8 gym leaders so now all that is left if elite 4 member if you like to join...
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