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  • Not that great at the moment. It doesn't know any Ground type moves and I am nervous about teaching it Dig because I lose the TM forever if Sandslash faints.
    Azalea Town. I just posted about it.

    A bunch. But I've been busy with life outside of Pokemon and I'm at a point in many of them where I just don't want to continue, but I eventually will.
    Thanks. And snivy has mentioned you before. I saw your Emerald post, seems your team is shaping up.
    Offensive defense (Only in Ubers. In OU I go bulky offense)

    Interpret that however you want, that's the best way I can explain it.
    Thats not exactly my playstyle in ubers, so Im afraid I cant help you with team members. Id be happy to help you test it out, but I cant really give any suggestions.
    I used Banded Terrakion in OU. Jolly nature and Choice Band was insane. idk how that would work in Ubers.

    As for Mewtwo, Id say all out attacker. His physical defense is pretty bad, so Calm Mind wouldnt be the best set imo.

    Again, Ive never touched Yvetal...
    Hi. And no problem.


    In theory, it looks solid. However, the best way to know is to go to Showdown and test it. Make tweaks as you see fit.

    (Ive only used normal Mewtwo in Ubers, and Terrakion in OU. Never touched Yvetal.)
    "I'm a guy, and in games where I can make my own character like in Skyrim, I always make a man who is even more manly than me. It is not an easy task either."
    I remember when HG came out. Me and basically all my friends were into Pokemon and we would sit down on the hallway by the lockers and play it every break and lunch. Good days :')

    Haha it doesn't matter. In what grade are you?
    Oh ok that's cool

    I can't really rate them, but my favorites are: Venusaur, Typlosion, Samurott. But honestly I like all of them.
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