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Recent content by AceRay87

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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Screenshots of Pokemon Typing are all dated for 2010 http://www.serebii.net/typingds/pics.shtml Edit : Ah lovely, it has been fixed.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Is this fake? I say this because it seems serebii is refusing to post it on the main page...
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    Your first Card

    I wish I could remember, it would be one of the common cards sitting at the front of a base set booster pack when they first came out. I probably couldn't of told you half an hour later, so after over 10 years there is no chance of me knowing...
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    PCP Via Nintendo WFC Going on now!!!

    Search> Advanced search> Type "Pichu" > Search Titles Only > Search Now You'd be shocked by what comes up top of the list last posted in today.
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    Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

    I think you are confused, go re-read the event information again. On wi-fi from today you get the pikachu coloured pichu on diamond/pearl/platinum (not the spikey eared one) but when you trade it to heartgold and soulsilver you unlock the spikey eared pichu event.
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Has a few similarities to Sandslash. It's probably and hopefully something completely new though.
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    Your Newest Card

    Is it good to get a Heatran (series 8) out of your very first pop pack ever? Seen a lot of people complain on youtube about always getting rubbish cards and yet I loved mine.
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    Your Newest Card

    Shaymin lv.X (land) I listed all my rare holo's I got today then the forums went down and lost my post =/.
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    Your Newest Card

    Just opened a blue Arceus tin and was quite happy with what I got inside as well as the Arcues promo on the front. I'll list them in order of pack opening, rares only. Platinum: Giratina lv.55 - reverse holo rare Weavile G lv.48 - holo rare Secret Wonders: Ho-oh lv.45 - holo rare...
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    Any chance for a Pokemon TCG game on DS?

    I was just thinking this, I found my old Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color and remembered it was an amazing game plus you got a cool Meowth promo card with it. I was sad when the sequel was not released in english though. They need to make a new one with expanded features/map and...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    I'm no expert at all so it's best to wait for one to answer, but prices of them listed where I buy from (which are usually very competitive and low) are as follows: Latias ☆ (EX Deoxys 105) - $25.00 Mewtwo ☆ (EX Holon Phantoms 103) - $23.25 Groudon ☆ (EX Delta Species 111) - $21.34
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    Recently found a TON of cards from years ago.

    I have the exact same ones apart from Venusaur... one day I hope to add that and base set Blastoise to my collection.
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    Your Newest Card

    You get a reverse holo in every single booster pack that may be common, uncommon or rare (usually most of the cards in a set you can get reverse holo versions), then you get the normal rare card which may or may not be a regular holo (if not then it is plain without any shine).
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    Weird Cards and Misprints

    I got the Venomoth holo in the jungle set without the symbol, I noted they were all listed here a sell for and bit more than usual: http://www.pojo.com/priceguide/userrorcards.html