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  • Honestly, it'd be rude of me to forget, haha
    I just have it auto-open when I open my browser, along with 7 other tabs :p
    I'm doing fine. Focusing on my art stuff, playing a bunch of Pathfinder and that one MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Doing well yourself, I hope?
    Hello Chels, long time no see/chat ^_^
    I've been doing pretty good lately, how about you?
    I'm on here at random now a days ^^"
    Mhmm, the one good leader of the old Team SeaSoul that we had a long time ago. God, I havent thought of the clans in forever. To be honest, I havent really done much on Serebii in forever, yet I still check here every day...
    im so sorry i meant to to reply but somehow completly forgot >.<"
    anyway im fine how about you^^
    Yea I did get a namechange xD so did a lot of people. your memory still seems fine though comparably considering I didn't do much in TSS besides sit on the xat
    hahaha yeah chelsea is me eevee i did get my name change im doing alright and very very bad news apparently emi will never be coming back to the fourms cuaz of her parents :( they also took her 3ds away and everything :/ I will miss her she may return though after she gets older but maybe not :/ and also no worries it was only one post :p
    chelsea lmao saw your post in the teg thread ^_^ glad your still alive my friend ;) how have you been?
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