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  • I see you should do what I do sometimes a Ninjask with Substitute then Speed Boost plus agility then Baton Pass works everytime lol especially with a Snorlax lol
    Lead: Great lead, im guessing it served as an anti-lead? 5/5 possible points

    Switching: You made great switches, trying to set up when you had an advantage. Real nice. Although, you may need to switch more 10/ 20 possible points

    Team Building: Very nice, the team had decent synergy and worked quite well. Although, you may need a pokemon or so to counter maybe pokemon like Gyarados,Lucario,Scizor, ect. ect. 10/15 possible points.

    Attacks: I admit, most moves you used on my pokemon were either super effective, or hit me as normal damage, good job. 20/20 possible points.

    Conditions: You used Hypnosis with your Milotic, I liked that. Althought I predicted it and used taunt..still shows some strategy, to try and stop Fluffy the Gyarados.5/10 possible points

    Prediction: I liked the way you used your prediction, when you switched in Empoleon on my Latias, predicting it'd use a dragon type move. I also liked the way you used agility, because you knew I would switch out. The leading part impressed me, the way you used Ice Shard to atleast get some damage on my breloom. 20/25 possible points
    Thanks shall I head onto Wi-Fi now? Skwog's no longer a member? You lost in the third round? Who to? lol I'm speaking in question form tonight! :) I have to tell Ampy I'm gonna have to quit his clan even though I was in it for about 6 hours :-(
    Im pushing here. But something I would like to do is get you, VSU, Apple and if I can mange it, Skwog, somewhere to talk.

    Pms are awkward when several people need to deal with them. People get missed, people reply to just one person... Alsorts. To be honest, you need a mini-forum of your own.

    Im gonna see what I can do about this. You all need to be able to talk of this stuff and, like I do, ARGUE abou it. There are better words, but arguing in a civil manner can help a lot.

    Il get back to you ASAP.
    The biggest problem you have is you arnt saying no.

    Your members come up with many ideas and lots of them are being implimented with no real thought. This re-ranking. Whats really going to come of it? The leaders of most groups dont have the time to teach. Those who do are very young. The co-leaders still retain eliteness by rank. I really dont think anything good will arise. Youve already lost some members as it is. If you look at those supporting you in the thread, youll see that most are low ranked (Were) or new/young. Apple wont speak out at all! I know he is uncomfortable with this as am I , so was Skwog.

    Although taking suggestions is good, you need to think about them first! REALLY think! Ask your co-leaders what they think. Ask the clan.

    As for changing... Well under pressure, everything changes shape. Once the pressure is relived, it may go back to original shape...
    I decided to call it Carribean Blues it's a Water and Grass type Clan :) The position will remain open even ifyou don't want to became a Co-Leader feel free to become normal member where you don't have to worry about activeness :). Did you win the SeaSoul tournament? Is Skwog still in the clan? Can I please buy an EV'ed Lucario to test my clan with if it gets accepted? Sorry for so many Questions lol.
    No, Skwog was kind enough to forward his PMs to me.

    I dont think so Chealsea. As it is, im looking for a suitable main owner for your chat. Id have said Skwog, but you drove him off by not telling him anything. VSU never comes on (Aside last night when we settled our differences. Not the argument however). Apple is... Well Apple is a kid. If you wish, il keep the chat healthy if/when I leave, but if not, il try and choose a decent Owner for you.

    Big change? You just turned Seasoul from friendliest and most welcoming Serebii clan to a hellhole! Hyppocrite!
    I do. I usually lift the bans after 10 minutes or so.

    Then they should obaey the rules. I know what you think of me, and you can have your stinking "active member" banner back, il remove it in a few minutes. "We allow suggestions but not arguments". What the bloody ****? Welcome to WW II Germany. Thnik what you want, but well hate you if you say it.

    I couldnt care less. Im starting from Feebas.

    Because I was dared too, and I dont have an alternae sig any more. So im keeping this till I finish a new one. It attracts some funny comments.
    Hey I've just started up a casual clan and if it get's accepted would you like to be Co-Leader? along with aclover if you know him? Or are you too involved with SeaSoul at the minute? Still I've got to get it accepted yet but I'm trying to stay ahead?
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