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  • I hate footballers for that. They get paid millions for kicking a ball around a field for like 50 hours a year and an NHS nurse barely gets 30k a year working fulltime. >_>

    Lol. I doubt that, but ok :p

    hey i need to chat with you soemtime idk how to say what im goign to say so when u want to know what this is pm me ill tell u whatever i feel is nessasary at that time

    Yeah. Most schools here have a specialisation, even if they don't state it openly, and their kids tend to get made to do those subjects from year 7-9 (In year 10 you choose what you'll be taking for your GCSEs, the end-of-school qualifications). Officially my school was considered a Language College (Not a college proper, but it designated its speciallity if you know what I mean :p). Also qualified as a Sports college too (Which I hated. I'm alright at most sports, but I hate them by and large when I'm forced to do them).

    Good luck. Hope you fare better than I do :p

    How could I forget you? You have a wierd charismatic feel. Everyone loves C-Star. :p
    Heh, I'm absolutely awful at languages. I'd need to know another language to teach english. I took French, German and Spanish for 3 years (Part of statutory at my school) and Japanese for a year (Optional) and remember a grand total of nothing, not even simple things like greetings. I really don't do languages lol.

    Additionally, I hate travelling, I don't want to work in another country, I like damp old England :D

    The name rings a bell, but I don't remember them.
    yes i agree im sure Jr had exams and gray might just be busy it hasnt been that long so if it gets worse ill start worriing jr i didnt realize has exams he i was the most worried about

    No, not really. There's plenty of other ways to get jobs, but I'm not interested in them. Apprenticeships for a start.

    Yup. Employers are a bunch of ****s. They'd rather spend 6 months looking for a guy with experience over take someone who could probably do it just fine.

    I'm not worried though, I'll get a job eventually.
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