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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • yes but if the new war team system comes into play then it will be not needed blinky X and Gray have decided on a new system they just havnt put it into play
    Boring as ever. Trying to look for jobs sucks ***.

    Same as ever, videogames and computing. I've started some tabletop RPG stuff though, that's turning out to be good fun.

    You? I remember you were in college or something but I can't remember the specifics.


    You know, I posted this on my own wall by mistake >_> Lol.
    nope it was activated the day we opened but no one cares to other to pm me so it causes me to try in htread but since no one bothered to listen i eventually gave up after twi got involved and no one pmed me i get maybe 1 per week when people post asking about it i vm/pm them so they know how otherwise since no one cares taht i have a post and doesnt bother to read it
    VERY long while ;D
    Yeah, I like the avatar ;P
    But you have changed much, I see... ^^
    So, wazzup?
    what im saying is even when we did have enough it wasnt active no one wants to rank up i get maybe 2 people sending me battles per week
    Heh. Oh that was fun. Stereotypes are so easy to abuse.

    But yeah, 'twas fun back then, for the most part.
    Hey the rank up is in effect it is on my post but we dont have any testers as justins main tester left tss and jr isnt as active so we need his leader to actually update the post cause justing didnt it is another problem we need to fix we have to get this time over and done with so we can operate smoothly (too lazy to pm)
    Thanks! It's already up in the thread. It's better than the other one, in the sense that it isn't flying around the place as much. LOL
    im havin some fun with the clan and some battling lately. im finally starting to make some good teams. cant wait for more battles and stuff. and also i cant wait for us to win this war.
    Nevar, I'll call you Mohamed now, up until I forget anyway. :p

    Jesus. I was loud and obnoxious, don't call me a flag, I was a warning sign. :p
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