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  • That's fine, hope you do well, I'm going back to school, in a few weeks, and high school will probably really pull me back on my activity here, so good luck to the both of us
    nahh don't worry! I'm working on these people and the black list becase the one you pointed me also uses hacked Pokémon to battle >_>"

    most of those posts had already received infractions. The moderator who infracted them just forgot to edit =P

    aanyways, thanks for contacting me =D I'm here to help.... even though I'm kinda inactive lately ;_;
    i will be around for a while tonight, so if you wanna/can trade just message me and I will get on wifi
    There ya go... would you like to be a Moderator... me and Tyde really need some help lol
    I did... I just have to say what he said was really unessecary (I'm not gonna bother correcting that >.<), and I hope it all clears up
    Hey, I was looking through the clans and I saw the "Anarchy" that was going on in Anarchy, I'm sorry to hear that
    Hey, I just wanted to ask if you would check out my forum ^^ haha, it's in my sig
    nooo xD VMs/PMs do never disturb me =D I got the PM from one of Sea Soul members and I was watching your thread and I really saw nothing infraction/warning worthy in the previous 13 pages or something like that! But I'll take a look at this Anarchy thread then. Maybe I find something there outside of the rules! Thanks for the report =}
    hey good news i´ve got the chosen magikarp and i´ve been thinking so i´ll clone it to have i gyarados offensive and another taunter (but i wont use it in the same time)
    wow really? Thats awsome. Lemme check for a good nature for it.
    hmm calm with this spread 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 SpDef
    hey chelsea star! is it too late to sign up for the team seasoul tournament?? sorry i havent been on I just moved back to college.
    So that's why they were both viewing seasoul when i checked their files.
    You might need this to confirm the pokesav part, but he might want you to confirm that a sav'd poke was used.
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