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Last Activity:
Aug 22, 2017
Feb 21, 2005
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August 22
Home Page:
Madison Square Garden

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Let's Go Rangers!, from Madison Square Garden

Act was last seen:
Aug 22, 2017
    1. Psychic
      One of us...again. 8DDDDDDDD
    2. Psychic
      I welcome you to present a convincing argument that these are not words, and I am greatly looking forward to it.
      Same. Also, welcome back. This place is a blast.
    3. Manaphyman
      Hey stranger!

      Just wanted to say I've been to BU a few times this past month in my attempt to explore the area around BC. Thought of you haha.
    4. Bay
      Hey, sorry to ask you this, but you don't mind if I also do a parody about writing styles like you did with Leviathan or whatever it's called? Asking because don't want you to think I'm plagiarizing or something. D:
    5. Venomfrog
      Thank you for being honest about Chapter 1 of my fan fiction, Act. I am going to rewrite Chapter 1 (but not tear it apart) in such a way which hopefully fixes the flowery problem without forcing me to rip apart 200 pages of hard work.

      For example, instead of:

      "Each morning I essay to correct this entropy, but these valiant efforts are futile."

      How does this sound?

      "My frequent essays to fix the entropy of my room are unsuccessful."

      I mainly used "essay" and "entropy" to create an immediate impression that the character has a learned vocabularly, which is true because later chapters reveal him to be a strong writer. I also did not use a thesaurus, though I can see why you would get that impression.
    6. Diddy
      If people are going to be petty and complain about me. Why can't I act the same way?

      Anyway, it WAS emoboy music, it's basically a genre, I dislike the vocal quality of said genre and those Who songs are possibly the two most publicised who songs on earth.

      As for the PM, it might not have been you, there are a few people who seem to blur into one user, someone you talk with owes me a PM about something.
    7. Diddy
      I know you don't like me but do try to keep all insults to my visitors message page, just so I have them all in one place, makes it all tidier see.

      I also found that a pretty harmful way of expressing distaste at him on first sight. I wonder if Manaphyman had done the same to me somewhere else? Maybe, I'm not exactly sure, but I like a little low level eye for an eye justice.

      By the way, where is that PM you were going to send to me? Did it get lost in the mail, I know we have a strike on in Britain, but I haven't recieved anything, I'd really hate for you to lose a chance to berate me.
    8. purple_drake
      Hokay then. XD Thanks; I do wonder sometimes how many people listed as mentorees are actually still writing the stories they listed.

      Welcome back~
    9. Psychic
      I know it's belated, but happy birthday - same day as my little brother, haha.

    10. Silawen
      Oi, happy birthday! ;)
    11. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Private messages can't be sent to people who have you ignored. I like this as there have been a stupidly ridiculous amount of people dumb enough to troll, stalk, flame, be a creep, rant, rave, spam and generally be little turds about trying to spin everything around to where I look like a villain.

      Just because they think they can't be warned for breaking the rules in pm.
    12. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Well he went and replied AGAIN after the warning, whoops infraction :D PM or VM is fine really just... not really fair on a newbie let alone a non native who'd probably get even moar confused.
    13. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Hey you were the one that mini modded/whined not me :)
    14. Intelligence
      I wasn't making fun of him. I know what it's like to be ridiculed for saying the wrong thing in a foreign language, and trust me, I'm not going to inflict that on anyone. So, no, don't talk like that.
    15. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Getting your panties in a twist for not even reading everything, is pretty stupid too Act :D

      If your 'review' was also aimed at me, and not Milotic as well you're not really kind enough to say who you're exactly upset over, *****ing at or whining about, the fact is I never really yelled at him- I just said for the most part. ENGLISH NOT BEING YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE IS NO EXCUSE. IF you're GOING to write a story and POST it in english you should be PREPARED.

      I mean there's even SONGS OF BEING PREPARED.

      And as it has been repeatedly said and confirmed by mods, you can post it in your language even if it's not english..
    16. Golden
      Hey. I was wondering if you could please review my one shot?
    17. Manaphyman
      Hahaha. I'm glad someone got a kick out of it. :]
    18. katiekitten
      Ooh, I'll have to take a look. x3

      I am! I keep on forgetting I have it, though, and dissapearing for ages. :x I'm evil bunny king. *adds you*
    19. katiekitten
      x3 I'm glad! There's nothing like a bit of drama to get you all in enthused. xD *gives cookie*

      Sorry about the wait in response, hun - Exams decided to collapse on my head. xD; Had one yesterday and have two tomorrow. English literature and Statistics. o__________o I may be slightly dead for a while. xD

      You may have to dish on the drama, I haven't been on Lj in all too long. :x
    20. katiekitten
      x3 Don't worry about it - I'd forgotten as well. xD How are you doing, anyway?
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    August 22
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    Madison Square Garden
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