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  • It'd give me something nice to start OR with (I forgot I switched to OR at the last minute, I was in a hurry, so I have that instead of AS).
    I have a small request then :>
    Could you possibly breed me a Hidden Ability Snivy and a Jolly Elemental Punch Buneary? :> non-shiny is fine for both (and preferred for Buneary xD), but last I can remember you didn't RNG anyways :D
    In return you can pick any Flawless Shiny I still have around that you want :D
    By the way, you probably know this; the event starters that currently are available with their hidden ability, is that hidden ability breedable?
    Oops xD haven't used Serebii in ages! But frailty doesn't matter if you 1shot everything right? :D and I'm not a competitive player either but I always hoped for a buff to Beedrill's stats, and Mega Beedrill has a huge boost :O + he looks pretty damn cool in Mega form imo :>
    Poison Jab, X-Scissor/U-Turn, Drill Run and Swords Dance or Protect with Jolly Nature :D
    Been really busy irl, lots of things going on, fortunately those are over now and as a reward I treated myself to Alpha Sapphire :>
    Easily done! I'll have some bred and ready for the shop! Perhaps I could send that instead of my rather dwindling supplies of Diancie since I can't clone easily any more. OTL

    For Wriggle, that is.
    Oh, okay then. I can probably try to find you myself then. I have midterms coming up, so I was trying to figure out if I should pick it up now or later. And yes, your Venonat for my Diancie, I think.
    thanks adapt on the happy birthday even if it was late no worries and i understand it can get tiring with the repeat on reawaking the crystals good luck on beating the game :)
    Hey, can you remove the shiny non-competitive Pikachu and Swablu from the Guild store? I plan on upgrading my offers in the Guild and those two don't make the cut for me. Also, geez I keeping forgetting to hand you your Maison team when can you pick that up? I can't for some of tomorrow because my Nyko charge base is busted and my new one won't be here for another 16ish hours.
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