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  • I just read the rule it was updated actually, in most Smogon tournaments the quick claw is banned.
    However Smogon dind't ban it for regular competive matches, guess that has changed.

    It's really up to Garnet as he is the host of the tournament to say if it is banned or not.

    Sorry, guess I wans't well updated either.
    I am 100% sure it is, the reason it is banned because it's haxx and can turn the tides unfairly in a competive match.
    My mantine would have swept your other teamates if it weren't for that Quick claw resulting in a 4-0 instead of 2-0.

    It's okay though, you dindt know.

    I'll post the result this time
    Oh, I'm really sorry about that APZ, I checked for any replies yesterday but I have this glitch with serebii that sometimes doesn't show that I've gotten a vm.
    Hey bro if you want to keep contact with me play this game for iPods/pc called Graal Era+ and make sure it has the +. It's a game where you become a gangster or a cop. Buy cool weapons,kill people,buy furniture for a house,get married and etc. If you create an account than go to EDIT first and create your person and name. If you create an account and like it,write me and tell me your name so I can look you up. Then I'll send you a pm in the game. Hope you'll give it try. -Bff
    I just hope Keldeo won't get banned :[
    Iirc, I don't really have any good offensive water types, besdies my Specs Politoed, LOL.
    The team looks good on paper IMO. But iirc, I have to battle Charizard, Garnet, and you again, lol.
    So people will know my team :[
    Wifi. I would love to know if this team is decent enough so I can switch things around in the tourney.

    I used the same team in like 8 rows straight ._.
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