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  • Nope, the shop post looks good! :)
    Yeah it was a Shiny Swablu (Adamant nature, Natural Cure, Premier Ball, no flawless IVs, level 26) and a shiny Pikachu (Calm nature, Static, Repeat Ball, no flawless IVs, level 4) both are untouched and uncloned.
    Also, I have items to donate as well (and I believe Garnet already knows) they are: Leftovers x3, Light Ball x5, Moon Stone x50, Sun Stone x50, Prism Scale x5, and 600 Battle Points on demand.

    I may have to limit Leftovers to one per person per round so they spread out since they're hard to find with Pick up.
    It's alright, if you still have that Dream Ball Alomomola, I'd still like to make an offer on it. :)
    I'm great. :)
    I took my mind of pokemon for a bit and got good at Basketball.
    Now I'm not a chubby walking cupcake lol.
    Too bad now my parents are going through issues and I can't get a 3DS or Pokemon X/Y. :(
    On the bright side,i'm 15 and can get a job at 16. :)
    But now...i'm on the freaking Wii's internet cuz I smashed my iPod.
    Mines is a timid max sp atk and max speed and it still took Slurpuff's return like a boss....Anyways. Good battles, going to sleep now
    I think spidey died that battle :/ Other than that, speed drop was a good factor (and sleep) Not to mention my excadrill is scarfed
    I had rapid spin on Drill just in case i run into rocks or spikes...its the first time i finally get to use it effectively
    I think one more because on Garnet's post it said we have to battle 3 times...this is the second.

    Also, Your Clefable did scare me, surprised I got a crit and a freeze in the same battle (that never happens for me)
    I haven't touched PS in erm. A month, I think? I don't remember.
    I'm sure you'll do fine. I guess Battle Tower?
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