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  • Interesting; your three favorites are crushed by DD Tyranitar.

    Thanks for taking your time for that.
    Hi, Addie :D

    Actually, I was making a team with my friends' favorites, so I won't exactly use the information. However, I'd love to know why they are your favorites.
    Hey there, how ya doing? I have a quick question for you, what 3 OU pokemon you like the most and why?
    Oh wait, that's if it switches in..... I thought you were talking about when you get a free switch or something. X_X
    That wasn't the reason why I was banned. He said that I posted in a thread that had a few specific rules to follow.

    Also, you said the mence 2HKO's, you never said anything about DD. Mence hit, Claydol's half dead, Claydol uses Ice Beam, bye bye mencey.
    So, you're giving me cupcakes right now? ^^

    I wasn't banned for being stupid. The mod was stupid, because I've looked in my statistics and looked in every thread that had a specific rule, and I did nothing wrong. I'm almost sure the mod who did it though...

    In other words, did you read the last VM? Remember those times?

    Also, I don't know who GGfan is. You're the one who decided to be a tough guy and start and argument on my profile. What was I proven wrong about again? I've seemed to forgot... Something about the meaning of Bulky?
    Seriously, sting, if you want to insult me, throw things at me, whatever. I'm just going to ignore you from now on. I don't what your obnoxious sh it, or want any part of it in it.

    we used to be friends, remember? Laugh, and other stuff... Look at yourself now, defending someone you just met...

    If that's the way it is, I'm fine with that. Just don't give me sh it and I'll leave you alone, alright?
    Me, a troll? You kid. You were banned for trolling on smogon, remember? I regret telling you to come here, honestly. You're telling me, I should give YOU respect, because you're apparently better at me in a video game, a video game in which you can only make one team, which is a suckish UU team. You just waste away at shoddy.
    lol as I said, this was not my idea. A friend wanted to base a team around SD Empoleon and needed Ev's. Pretty much the idea is that the opponent will switch out a counter, find out it's physical, and switch again. This way you can score two, maybe 3 SD's before they get to you. I personally prefer Agility/LO sets as they sweep very easily, but the SD set has much potential (such as Torrent activated Aqua Jet).
    Respect is something that is earned. Respect is given to someone if they're willing to. Find out what respect means.
    Yes, I should respect you because you're better at a game then me.

    And I'll do it again. Watch!
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