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Last Activity:
Jul 2, 2009
Dec 24, 2008
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(•✖•), from Atlanta

Addie was last seen:
Jul 2, 2009
    1. Pimplup784
      You can let only your friends post on your profile. I don't remember how though, ask Ellie, or Volteon.
    2. Pimplup784
      Oh, this piekid right here?? Oh yeah, and by the name thing, I meant on Smogon, I realized the post looked kinda weird... So, anything else up other than this guy down here??
    3. Pimplup784
      My name is Pimplup. You can see some of my posts in the RMT forum, but yeah. Wassup!!
    4. Noheart
      Also, I only have four infractions. Actually, 3 and one warning. You have no idea how this forum works, you think you run everything, but you don't. Now please, go away. I honestly don't need your sh*t, because quite frankly, I have my own to deal with. Now, get a life, get out of my face, and stop posting **** on my profile. Have a nice day.
    5. Noheart
      I was banned? 0.o

      Addie, you're honestly nothing but an ignorant little child, okay? And I will NEVER respect you. Never. Not by the way you're talking to me.
    6. Noheart
      Oh, and if you want to lose an argument, go argue with BCVM22. He's the REAL smart one. Can be sort of obnoxious, but I guess that's how you define "smart".
    7. Noheart
      Actually, calling me an idiot was. Now get your adolescent attitude out of my face before I not report you for flaming, but kick yo atlantan ayash. And if you don't respect me, I probably won't respect you.
    8. Rhys29
      Here's the LO set btw:

      -8 Hp, 120 Def, 252 Att, 36 Sp.D, 92 Spe // Adamant + Life Orb
      This does: Forces Vaporeon’s Hidden Power [Electric] to activate Torrent 100% of the time after two hits; prevents Swampert, Gyarados, Tyranitar, Metagross, and Salamence from OHKOing with Earthquake (however you can potentially be under 10% without SR after taking the hit except Swampert and Gyarados who needs the SR to get Empoleon below 10%). This gives: Max Attack, mln, outruns Skarmory.

      Obviously this set packs more power and the Sp.D Ev's make a nifty activation note on Torrent. However, it cannot hit back after taking Earthquakes like the other set. However, the fact that Life Orb gives a 1.3% boost is worth it if you need the power.
    9. Rad3n
      Ohai. How's it going? I hear that you're Katherine (ignore my speeling) at Smogon.
    10. Rhys29
      damn serebii won't let me edit my posts... anyways I have an LO set now if you care as well xp
    11. Rhys29
      Not sure if you care, but a friend of mine was wanting a good set for Swords Dance Empoleon, and after running some calcs I came upon this baby:

      -44 Hp, 72 Def, 244 Att, 56 Sp.D, 92 Spe // Adamant + Leftovers
      This prevents: Starmie from 2HKOing with Thunderbolt, Vaporeon from 3HKOing with Hidden Power [Electric]; Swampert from OHKOing with Earthquake; Adamant max Att Gyarados, Tyranitar, Metagross, and Salamence from OHKOing with Earthquake; This Gives: mln, outruns Skarmory.

      This gives you an amazing amount of survival for some pretty small investments. If you don't care about insuring Starmie won't get the 2HKO and max attack is your first priority, take 8 Sp.D Ev's and put them into attack. Vaporeon will still fail to 3HKO with Hidden Power [Electric].

      Basically you survive a bunch of things and then your Torrent activates immediately. Seeing as Skarmory can be a problem, he wanted to run Spe just above it. I know you like Empoleon, so hope you enjoy ^.^
    12. Pimplup784
      LOL, hi. BTW, good job on the Weavile revamp, very good, maybe we can work together to do another;).
    13. Kamakaze071
      Hey dude, The serebii mod guy said you were an awsome pokemon rater. I have a question about the Blastoise I'm going to make,
      It's gonna be really slow
      Sassy Nature
      item:Focus Sash

      I'm not sure if gyroball is affected by attack so if its not I would put more evs into deffences. I was thinking of switching out skullbash for aquatail. Hope you can help.
      Sorry, i don't want to sound like a eavesdropper but sorry your getting flamed. If you need any help give me a call. I'll kick his ***** in a pokemon battle (laughs) ^_^
    14. JRCxyz
      Wow I can't believe that you're friend of someone who doesn't respect you. Someone like Piekid11, also came here to say hi and to ask if, you need help on something? I'm bored and feeling that I want to help someone, so yea. If you need anything, just let me know.
    15. Noheart
      ME, respect YOU?

      You must be dreaming.
    16. Noheart
      Dude, I pwned you in that argument with my epic logic and stupidity.

      And you always lose arguments.
    17. Noheart
      My gigantic height laughs at your 4 foottishness.

      And that's probably the second time you've seen me post. Wanna scroll through my posts?
    18. Noheart
      My perfectly alligned teeth and deep voice laugh at your crooked teeth and sheep voice.
    19. Noheart
      Winning and fun are two very different things, little boy.
    20. Noheart
      No, I was infracted for "Flaming/insulting other people."

      And I honestly don't care what you think about Delibird, who's Base Coolness Stat is off the charts.
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