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  • (sighing in something between amazement and exhaustion) Talk about a maelstrom, and to think my fellow bronies will have had fun entrenching themselves. Who knew my mind stayed alert starting this past Friday, right before yesterday's Team Aqua/Magma marathon leading up to that Diancie movie? My reflections might surprise you and the others, starting with Hansen of the Mirage Kingdom, who tried to steal Misty's Togepi to grab the throne for himself. The scenario I currently have in mind has him undertaking the following activities, if in no specific order, as I described to one Spectro889.:

    - Persuading Ash and his friends to support his coup and banish Sara;
    - Sealing off the Togepi Paradise altogether, claiming its "protection";
    - Capturing Rayquaza after researching its legend(s);
    - Offering Giovanni exclusive access to any new resources discovered within his kingdom (without being aware of his connection to Team Rocket);
    - Launching a (regionalized) propaganda campaign portraying Ash as the "Hero of the Mirage Kingdom" all the way to the Hoenn League;
    - Authorizing Tabitha and Shelly, er, Harlan and Isabel to start sabotaging their respective teams and blame the other side

    To top it off, it was a recurring nightmare involving a war launched by an empire using its own demise to cause as much damage as possible that drove Hansen to this overarching plan -- perhaps with some similarities to my overarching scenario ending this franchise in Unova -- and I envisioned his Pokémon lineup to include Flygon, Tyranitar, and Poliwrath for the final showdown. As for the rest of Hoenn leading up to it, who better to actively defend Hansen's project than Drew and Brianna, quite willingly? Call it an effort at mixing certain tidbits up on my part, with the ultimate idea being to explore how an agenda aimed at oblivion could shock and frighten even another supposedly villainous individual. Are you doing well in your corner of the world this afternoon?
    Aha. Give the other bronies on Equestria Daily the credit for my trip deeper into my past, an effect of my review of My Little Pony's timeline, from the original ponies up until Friendship is Magic. Even as I type this, I find the constants in my train of thought for Pearlshipping's viability quite striking. PokeMaster366's comments left me scratching my head, but I enjoyed thinking them through.
    Hey it's taking a bit so just sit tight for a moment :p I can't find the official promo but I'm trying to find the gif! ^^
    Well it is hard to have neiji who died protecting you and believing in you and saying that Hinata will die for you. If it doesn't become canon I'm raging lol. Hinata did much more for Naruto than pretty much anyone else. But again I was more sad over Neiji's death he really grew on me.
    I didn't say it came because of it just During. I was too busy going NOOOOO not Neiji WHYYYYYY!!!!!! so i did my manly fanboy squeal when I reread it the next day lol.
    I must admit I had to reread 615 lol to brush up but yes I loved the NaruHina moment in the chapter too bad it came during Neiji's death.
    Huh. To think I could've started with Pokémon Gold and Silver once I felt that I had enough of a grasp of Ash's Pokémon lineup to try my hand at the games. By that point, Ash and his friends were in Johto, which would correspond to the summer of 2001, according to the broadcast schedule compiled by Bulbapedia. I believe that I was willing to acquire either game for Christmas 2001, but you don't have to guess what happened to completely derail that idea. For all intents and purposes, it was Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire that turned into my first serious experience with the games, and the rest, as they say, is history. What do you opine about the new Pearlshippers, if I may ask?
    I do not. I really only spend time on this forum much. I'm not nearly as active on Naruto stuff as I used too be. Yeah I would love naruhina to be canon by the end. They way the war is shaping up who knows. I'd say it's at a crossroads.
    I am also a proud NaruHina fan. Yeah I only came on the forums her a couple months ago I used this site for years but never the forums haha. So I only know Pearlshipping 3.0 I also stick to watching the RAW or at least subbed (Pocketmonsters are really good) After learning the the dub subdued Pearl and 4kids over emphasized Poke I strayed away from the Dub. I think we can become good friends it's always good to have someone to analyze and breakdown literary elements especially in Pokemon. Surprisingly there is a good amount of subtext in it.
    Yeah I have seen the worse of shippings forums and debates before back in my days of being a Naruto fic writer. I just try to be as respectful as I can and yes I think that the pearl thread is a good thread people share there opinion and leave it respectful about pearl only without dragging in another shipping. I believe Pearl is OTP but it's not my job to make someone else think so as well. I don't think any shipping will be canon either but the heacy promotion the japanese did of Pearl has to have some merit.....somewhere. I also think the new group of Pearlshippers will keep up the legend of SatoHika. Also, on being called Arrogant about various things. It is what it is some of us read too much into stuff and some of us dissect plot points really well. Most of my points derive for analysis I got from the show. I have a big talent for dissecting literary works lol. Sometimes that comes of as arrogantly stating points but as long as it is respectful I don't see an issue.
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