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  • Yeah! She is my favourite character! And i'm on her club, are you in it too?!

    I have a lot! PearlShipping, Belleshipping, Appealshipping and a lot!
    Do you support any?
    Hikari should not be considered a cameo. I wish her back to the cast as her importance in DP was 1 of the strengths in the anime. Although it's been a little off-set by having an unnecessary 3rd person, it did work.

    However, if they want a cameo because they're friggin' Pokemon, they better let Tomioka do all the work. No other can do a better job than him. Actually, there may be a few. Hmm.

    I cannot see how marketing considers depreciating characters. The 1st BW episode felt like marketing too. Not much of an episode with 4 things crammed in. Arrival, Rocket attack, Zekrom, Trip. God, slow down!!!!
    Yeah same here. XD I'm excited for them, but I'm holding off of spoilers for now until I play them. :3

    Well here's some trivia about myself:

    I'm an only child, and I was born 3 months early in Las Vegas.

    So I think that's why my parents are so protective over me. ^^; I think they are opening up to the Serebii community a bit...
    Yups I do. I'm planning on getting White 2 when it comes out.. XDD I LOVE Cottonee. I have a Whimsicott that I EV'd trained...and they are really great Pokemon for Subway battles. X3 I like Petilil. I have one named L in my box...I just never raised her. XD

    Oh, I don't even have Skype...but I would. xD Though, my parents get suspicious when I talk to people...if you get what I mean. ^^; (nothing against you or anyone of course...it's just my parents are really overprotective of me..even though I'm in college ._.; )
    Well I do consider Wishful a bit tsundere on Iris's side (but she's a really MINOR tsundere, type B I think) she's definitely not Cabernet level where it annoys me. ^^;
    You mean the battle? =O Or just in general? I'll be honest I have my fingers crossed for something Wishful-ly in Iris/Cabernet's battle...but not too much to where I'll be disappointed (hopefully xD). And as for just in general, while I think Sommelier is cute, it seems a little bit too tsundere for my tastes. I like pairings that are more relaxed and are less "fiery" ^^;
    Well, well, well. Bodacious Space Pirates may have just kicked things up a notch with the search for that "ghost ship" somewhere in the depths of space, a rather adventurous way to mark this weekend, I think. As much as I'd prefer to avoid looking too far ahead, it looks as though Mitt Romney is going to continue to come closest to winning the 2012 Republican nomination, if not win it outright, with Rick Santorum continuing to follow behind. I increasingly see more freedom to focus on any emerging developments worldwide, but maybe that's just me. Are you doing well so far, old friend?
    Yeah you're lucky. XDDD I'm a diehard Wishfulshipper so I don't suffer much from indecisiveness with Dento or Iris ships. XD I've experimented but my heat always came back to it. Yeah I see. I was a Contestshipper (honestly I didn't even know what Advance was....back then I really didn't use the computer a whole lot. XD)

    You strike it out by:

    (just add the / into the second bracket like you do with others)
    XDD Yeah we've been talking about that haha. Yeah I am well most of the time XD. I teeter back and forth with Pokeshipping, I like it, but then I don't, but then I like it again....XDD I'm indecisive.

    Good lol. XD I'm not sure if I'm sure for how a ship is doing XDDDD
    it is nice to expand your vision through other opinions.
    Ivan said what I was trying to say.
    Maybe the way DP ended would sux for other anime/shipping....but for Pearl,it had its own kind of conclusion.Daijobu and High Touch are their identity,and I find that much more important than a standard love symbol(or at least friendship here in brazil)
    did I?
    I don't know...I just replied.But why would I get angry if the owner of the thread and a pearlshipper?
    I don't watch Naruto, but from your description I assume the fanbase for that pairing is simlar to SatoHika's. XD That's cool. Critical thinking is always best, and I'm glad Shipping allows me to express my opinions more vocally than ever before. It's like a gate, in a way. :)
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