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  • Hmm.. I'm not sure how the anime will go about now that these two sequels exist. LOL Imagine they do a time skip? I doubt it, but I guess we'll just have to wait until more new info comes out about BW2.
    i had to slow mo the vid to take a shot at my profile pic,take a look.xD
    body connection,very important for transmitting feelings,and satohika had lots xP
    Interesting question. I actually have a few possible reference points floating through my mind in case either Romney or Santorum wins the Republican nomination this summer. Paul's impact seems more likely to be felt indirectly... especially if Romney picks his son, Senator Rand Paul, as his running mate. Judging from the coming civilizational implosions predicted by David Goldman, however, I'm far less than certain about the viability of such a deal for the United States at this point.
    Holy guacamole, is the theme song for Bodacious Space Pirates proving addictively peppy and energetic. I'll be certain to keep an eye on any new developments in the next episode, and it doesn't look like Rick Santorum is countering Mitt Romney all that effectively as Super Tuesday approaches. Are you doing well thus far?
    My compliments about the college, good luck in this new stage of your life! So you're moving to India? Nice, very nice.

    New brazilian pearlshipper, what a surprise. I've never imagined talking to a brazilian about SatoHika other than my brother.

    I'm heading to 2nd year of college and working as law assistant
    yay notebook finally x)
    I just need to find a way to share the internet with it lol
    but it wont be a problem.
    i didn't even started what you asked me to do yet xP
    today was quite a busy day in portugal...i had almosto to walk 3km with a bag weighting 10kg
    Yeah I'm the same too D:
    That stinks. It's amazing how such an active thread could just....die like that DDx
    Maybe I should post again on there :33
    Lolz no worries I won't hate on you for liking another ship :)) [although the "me" at age 10 would totally disagree and throw shoes at you xDD]

    Lol YUSH oh how I love that movie. It's saddening that some people are still not claiming it as a hint. I mean, HELLLLO they're swimming with freakin lovediscs!! Lolz x))

    Sorry I haven't watched D&P much to compare ships with ya. That little 10 year old buttmunch me was hater only because May left TT __ TT Although I thought it was interesting to see Lyra as a practical matchmaker for the two ^ __ ^
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