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  • If I find the notebook I'm searching tomorrow,I'll login in youtube.
    Iphone Youtube App is ****
    I really hate Safari Internet Browser,Apple Internet Applications in general are horrible
    Man...this is going to take some time,my post wasn't as organized as yours xP
    I never had a really organized mind,I'm currently trying to organize my life a little more,so that my own mind will organize itself.
    too bad I didn't find the notebook...maybe tomorrow.
    *back to cellphone typing lol
    I was advanced shipper...I still find it a good couple.Advancedshippers are just the mirrored by their shippinv,they must be nice....I admire advancedshipper nowadays,They are really true to their cause...knowing the BF events.
    I couldn't resist...many people don't resist to negative moments.PK was a sad example to pearl,even if advanced was more hit by the contest growth...after you put your faith in something,and in the end...it turn out to a bad situation,it really hurts
    I already know about her xD
    you know why?because when threads get her reply last...itmeans closed hahahahah it is actually funny ^^
    it is alright to compare...it is diffcult to go so deep into discussion without bashing,since our post is a little of extensive thinking,cutting advanced would be recomendable.
    Iwas an advanced,but I think I lost the fight...but many advshippers still believe in the couple,so even if I thought we lost that fight...it would sound somewhat offensive for those who still support it.
    hmmmm...just wait a moment.think of things you could add,I need to take a shower since I got to the hotel not long ago xP
    after I'll read my post and conclude what should we aim first.
    hmmm...maybe we could do a more general one first.cut things that aRe focused on an episode.than tell me when you are done with it.try to focus on pearl as a whole.
    I will do the same with mine.when I get it ready I'll send you.
    You post explaining what the current collab focus is than put your pm in a spoiler tag...You could put mine as well in post ,put in a different spoiler tag with my nick on it.
    got it?I think this is a good way to demonstrate teamwork progress.
    Ps thread will never die unless there aren't any pser left.
    the thread is a little innactive,but like hikari would say:daijobu!
    The thread need at least 2 people though ...I can't double post,I'll wait until someone reply.
    I'll copy your pm.I'm wondering how can we make it...we could do in parts,from sooner series explanation first then mid-way DP and then the Dp ending.
    You pushed yourself back there. xP
    I'm going to sleep now.
    Tomorrow I'll decide what subject should I wonder next.
    If you can expand your post,don't hesitate to.It is important to throw everything you are holding on your mind.It helps organizing your thoughts.
    See you later!
    It isn't to sound offensive,but man...politics and economy is a subject that I evade when talking about brazil.
    people that know what's going on tend to get really mad/sad/dissapointed about brazil's reality.
    I prefer to keep track of international history and geopolitics
    forgot to answer about the economic crisis...
    corruption everywhere,politicians that should be in jail are in their mansions laughing probably.
    so mrs president dilma says:brazil is current in economic superhavit
    and what we get?infrastructural problema everywhere...even roads can't be completed in 300 years
    we are going to host the olympic games and world cup knowing that we can't even secure people's safety.rio de janeiro is like drugs land.
    economic crisis isn't the answer to this...brazil economicaly is better tah ever,we are currently lending money to the internation monetary fund(sorry if mispelled...).this country is still sub-developed.just like this.
    portugal,greece and spain are currently suffering economic crisis...even though the infrastructure in portugal is just 1000x better than the so called 6th economy in the world that brazil is.
    Yeah I don't have a house in the beach like most brazilians have,like "summer house"...my family chose travelling a lot instead of staying in brazil and everything,therefore...my family is not the economic one,why saving money when I can spend it?that 's the logic.
    I travel with my parents...I could travel by my own in current age.Anyways this seems the last I will probably have with them,I'm planning on travelling alone to some countrys in europe sometime later,when I get the ways of the university.
    it sounded wierd...the fact is,i need a notebook to study at the university,since public computers kinda sux.computer science requires it ;D
    no,im just on vacation in portugal..Im going to buy here because of brazilian taxes...
    it sucks to have to go foreing just to buy things...imagine that I visited New York two times...one for shopping lol,and one for watching us open tennis championship AND shopping again lol.
    yeah,I didn't formulate everything at once,it took me several citys i visited today to think of everything :D
    tomorrow I will finally buy a notebook(At least I think I will)
    Typing in mobile sux...and I need a notebook for travelling/going to university.
    I need to stop sending you irrelevant info so that you can answer my wave of ps vs as contrast xD hahah
    Finally finished the as vs ps comparison xD...it took me a few hours to completely fill the gaps in the text.
    Gonna PM soon
    Hey Rob! ah thanks. tbh I'm glad for activity on the thread in general. at least it's not like the PS thread on Bmgf, it's dead over there >>

    anyway, thanks again!
    Lol well why not ^O^ its lovely to make friends :DD better late than never :p
    Um well I recently just came back from an uber long hiatud o . o but I'm glad to be back temporarily ^ 3 ^

    WOAH!!!! I support advanceshipping too!!and I personally don't mind pearlshipping. I can't deny that they're adorable, especially the ending!! Dijobou!!(Japanese spell fail - u -;;) so cute :33
    But Advanceshipping will forever be my first love > w <
    When I was Advancedshipper,that scene really hurted =S
    Maybe this is a good sign,since when the situation is really bad ...you feel very sadenned.So this situation is the almost the same,but for good.I think I should be considering this a Win,since Contest owned Advanced really fast.
    I just remebered something...I don't remember the exact situation...but Haruka once ignored what Satoshi said..in a GF,I think.She was simply looking at Shu and didn't even heard what Satoshi said to her.
    I find the situation similar to that in Sinnoh League,Jun was overexcited about the Darkrai training and asked what was Hikari's opinion...than he realized that Hikari didn't even hear the story xD...she was just yelling :" go,satoshi!!!"
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