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  • I think the way DP ended was good enough. If we had 2 (or 3) extra episodes instead of those 2 clip shows plus the BW in the making spoiler show, VS Takuto would have been 2 parts at least (and set in the final battle, not the semi-final battle; final battle was **** as the other trainer didn't do any better than Ash did).

    To change DP better, Brock would have been better off as a recurring character so he can lay off from Ash's chance to help develop his character more with Dawn (I still dread that episode when Brock stopped Ash from going after Dawn), we could use a little more Hunter J back story, Ambipom not being released but left with Johanna, I guess, and the Pokemon League itself.
    Yeah. Elesa is great. Just the battle was... the hell? Interruptions during the middle of the battle? That should be against the rules. Why didn't you call it out?

    Good for the frog to get a win at least, but the middle part was like an abandoned building. One touch, it falls apart. Ending was eh. As expected. Even with the cloud cover strategy, it didn't make up for that WTF middle scene there. I was hoping Ash would lose, but no. They made Bianca lose, then Ash lost to his father wielding a Pokemon with 4 full FIRE moves, didn't bother to have Oshawott use his shell as defense. What a dimwit, these battle writers are.

    For DP, there are things that need fixing, but at least it still was able to stand on its feet most of the time. Can't say BW cannot. Just, well, with the number of episodes released, it's not doing so well. Seem to be on its crutches/canes for the time being.
    The guy has got 4 badges. 4th Gym battle was still lackluster, a bit better than 2nd or 3rd Gym's win, but still not as good. Trip has 5, which I don't care. Plus anime still gives us their own badge shapes instead of sticking with how the games present us, similar to how Gary's badges were WAAAYYYY back. Right now, BW is a dullard show.
    To be honest, I really don't care anymore. I mean, Pearlshipping will forever be my main staple. With the BW progression (and Tomioka's lesser motivation and involvement), I'll just let it continue with whatever it's doing until I hear news of Dawn's return. Otherwise, I'll just watch it to see whatever crap it's throwing on us this time.
    Hey, it's Ade! So good to hear from you. I've been better. Can't say the same for Best Wishes though. Its first year is in no comparison to DP's 1st year, not to mention Kanto, Orange and AG.

    Seems you're really busy since school started. Glad you have some time to spare. How's everything with you?
    That's great to hear. Yeah! Lebron Sucks! Believe it! LOL Nah, man. Although to avoid too much of that, they must know what to do to wake up from the dead.

    I hope you did great on your SAT prep. So much happening in the present, the past just becomes "when did this/these happened again?", then remembering them all is difficult.

    I'll look at the thread. Thanks.
    Heh. Took you long enough to give yourself a vacation. How's Florida? Anything exciting there?

    Once I have available time, you'll hear from me on whatever is on your mind.
    Yeah, I know what you mean, I hate when people do that. It makes me wonder why/how ships like Pokeshipping still have a rabid fanbase even though Misty hasn't been seen for over 5 years now (not counting the lure)and we're all pretty sure she's not coming back.
    Aww man. I can't remember the last team I supported before my loss of interest went with their incompatibility. I think it was my hometown sports team, but I'm not much of a person who pays much attention of sports, usually due to lack of intensity feeling over the years, even with the crowd cheering. I like to play sports, but watching it on TV just isn't the same.
    Well, the minority of the writers of Pokemon isn't that bad. Other than Tomioka, I've yet to know others who do good episodes for Pokemon.

    I discovered from the bulbapedia site that Tomioka's also responsible on that horrid Team Magma VS Team Aqua finale. I was like "Wow. It's not like him to give us a tasteless finale of AG's villains". Then again, he only did 1 of the AG episodes involving Team Magma and Team Aqua, while the rest of the writers just didn't expand the villainy of them, not to mention their appearances.

    I know he's done most of Team Galactic. I said most because he wasn't responsible for the 1st episode of Team Galactic's finale. He also didn't do that Ursula VS Dawn from the Grand Festival, and he also skipped on 1 episode of VS Maylene, which he didn't so Ash VS Maylene.


    Here's the site of the man's work on Pokemon, just to keep tabs on. All I know is starting BW, like you said, he's faltering a bit right now. Now that I re-watched BW's first episode, I see it going all over the place. First it's Ash going to Unova, then comes Team Rocket in snazzy looks, then Zekrom busts in for no reason, Iris gets a total of 4 appearance seconds, Trip comes in and finally Zekrom shows up again. That's... way too fast, compared to the 2nd episode.
    Let me be the first to wake you up if BW have any balls to get Tomioka do his episodes that revolve Dawn again.

    Kotone's fine actually. It's more of the hype for Dawn VS Marina and Ash VS Jimmy (most wanted one since forever) I much prefer to see.
    Yes, well, DP would be a hell lot better if these were done, IMO:

    -Brock being a recurring character (I mean, if he's going to sit at the background all the time, it's best used for Ash or Dawn or both to flourish, not only by Pokemon training, but for other deeds as well; there's too many episodes where he's not needed and the people existing who try to ship Dawn/Brock I seriously LMAO as the stories or suggestions I see around make 1 or both of them way too OOC; I mean, replace Dawn with another girl, what difference does it make? I'd rather imagine Princess Salvia, that Dawn clone, to be with him due to spite; that I can tolerate for some reason)
    -Pokemon Hunter J's backstory (honestly, don't make her as 1 of those serious droids, give her something for her to compel)
    -Marina (and Jimmy's although unsure if it should be necessary but I prefer it) appearances; all those cameos, why not a complete appearance?
    -Ash's aura; what the hell happened to that? It's like he lost the power completely
    -Dawn's rival, Ursula, introduced a little earlier after the Wallace Cup
    -Togekiss; shame it's not from that mischievous Togepi shown before Lyra episodes showed up; would have been great to see what evilness it could have done before it reaches Togekiss level
    -Torterra having Wood Hammer instead of Leaf Storm; honestly, it's not Paul's, which I hate due to the physical and special split; be consistent to the moves, otherwise why did Aerodactyl have Giga Impact instead of Hyper Beam?

    There's probably more, but this is all I can think of.

    For Tomioka, he's also pissed at his skipped Rocket VS Plasma episodes which were completely hyped just to be dropped (temporary, I don't know). Yes, I have no confidence on BW. Great thing I set my standards to iceberg-sinking levels.
    Yes, why can't Pokemon ever have a series where the flaws is so minimal, it's difficult to notice? Not minding animation errors and other smaller errors like it. Raikou: Legend of Thunder is the only show that's loaded with awesomeness. Main character is great, main girl is truly competent, even the villains were incredible.
    About Plasma, are they really that good? Well anime pretty much tosses everything awesome and all we get are degraded versions. I will be incredibly irritated if they went to the ways of Magma/Aqua ending wise.

    For Galaxy Gang in the anime, I didn't want for Hunter J to disappear like that. She's 1 of the reasons why DP was excellent. Reason for this is we see no character of her or any back story of how she decides to be a Pokemon Hunter. Then again, I didn't care much on that Pokemon Poacher way early in AG. For Cyrus, I would have had Giratina come out and go nom nom on Cy... oh wait! It's a Pokemon show! Scratch that! Yeah, just have Giratina grab Cyrus and have Ash and Dawn try to save him from the other portal.
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